Rebecca Balding Cause of Death: Is the Cause of Her Death Ovarian Cancer?


Arkansas’s Little Rock is where Balding was born. She played Carol David, the mother of Jodie Dallas’ kid, in 19 episodes of Soap from 1978 to 1980. She studied at Kansas University.

During the first three episodes of the first season of the drama series Lou Grant, starring Ed Asner, in 1977, Balding played the original female reporter Carla Mardigian before that character was written out in favor of a different female reporter. Balding also played Corky Crandall in the 1979 sitcom Makin’ It.

Is the Cause of Her Death Ovarian Cancer?

Rebecca Balding, a seasoned character actor, is no longer with us. At the age of 73, she passed away. Our thoughts are with the Hollywood actress’ friends and family during this trying time.

Rebecca Balding passed away after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Balding died Monday in Park City, Utah, after a fight with ovarian cancer, according to Balding’s husband, James L. Conway.

Rebecca was best known for her roles in ABC’s sitcom Soap and The WB’s fantasy drama Charmed. She received a lot of love and attention for her part as Elise in the television show Charmed.

Jon Paré, Rebecca’s first husband, is a successful producer and production manager. James, her second husband, is a writer, producer, and director who has worked on shows including Titans, Charmed, Smallville, and The Magicians, in addition to Paradise and University Hospital.

Rebecca Balding cause of death

James and Rebecca initially met at a casting for the horror film he directed, The Boogens. After only a few weeks of dating, they got married. The rest of history was written after Rebecca landed the part.

“During the casting for The Boogens, I was. Rebecca arrived to perform, “James cited People. “We had a conversation while she read, and as she turned to leave, I said to the associate producer, “I could marry that girl.” She managed to get cast.

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We went out during the first week of shooting. On Saturday night, she proposed. We got married four weeks later while still doing our filming. Of course, nobody anticipated it lasting. This occurred 41 years ago.”

The Actress Was a Big Hit in the Movie Industry

Rebecca Balding was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and spent most of her childhood there. She planned to attend the University of Kansas for college. She began her acting career on the stage in Chicago before moving to Hollywood in the hopes of getting jobs in film and television (via NBC News).

She landed her first television job in the 1970s in the action drama “The Bionic Woman,” and her career skyrocketed. She was cast as Carol David, with Billy Crystal, in the drama/comedy sitcom “Soap” (per USA Today).

Rebecca Balding cause of death

Aside from her breakthrough on “Soap” and later “Charmed,” Balding was a crucial player in horror films in the late 1970s and early 1980s. After her work in “The Silent Scream” and “The Boogens,” many credits her with popularizing the scream queen image.

Balding and her husband had two daughters, Sarah and Kathleen, who survive her, as do her grandchildren. Balding will undoubtedly be missed.

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How Did the Fans Respond to the Heartbreaking News?

“R.I.P. Rebecca Balding,” one person said. “RIP Rebecca Balding, star of two of my all-time favorite go-to comfort horror films, SILENT SCREAM (’79) & THE BOOGENS (’81),” another user tweeted.

“It’s a sad day for the Charmed Family, Rip Rebecca Balding. I offer my sympathies to her family and friends. Elise will hold a special place in our hearts forever! Can never be adequately grateful to her.”

You were brilliant in Charmed and were loved by many #Charmed,” was posted by a user after Rebecca Balding’s passing. “RIP Rebecca Balding. She will never be forgotten. My sincere sympathies to her family and friends,” one more person added.

“RIP Rebecca Balding, heartfelt sympathies to your family,” a user tweeted. You played the nasty boss Elise who Phoebe broke down to reveal a golden heart in the Charmed series, and I admired you in that role.

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TheBalding’some of the fan responses to the iconic actress’s demise. We send Rebecca Balding’s close friends and family our sincere condolences during this difficult time. Never fail to check back with us for the most recent international news.

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