Trump Criticizes Time Warner for Shuttering His Preferred Network OAN


Former President Donald Trump has regularly chastised DirecTV and its parent firm AT&T recently for DirecTV’s decision to discontinue airing the conservative news program One America News in January (OAN).

Trump has implied and openly called for boycotts of DirecTV and AT&T, as well as Comcast. Trump is now criticizing another major media outlet for discontinuing One America News. But it doesn’t seem to have happened that way.

Liz Harrington, a Trump spokesman who frequently tweets his views, sent a statement on Monday afternoon criticizing “Time Warner” for discontinuing OAN.

The statement read, “Time Warner, the parent company of Fake News CNN, has just announced that they would be discontinuing a viral and great network (OAN),” Trump continued by criticizing “radical left Comcast” and “heavily indebted Time Warner” for having a “virtual monopoly on news.”

oan dropped by time warner

The Trump statement doesn’t make much sense, which is the issue. OAN was being discontinued, and DirecTV made the announcement. Before being spun out from AT&T last year, DirecTV was a division of the telecommunications giant.

Additionally, while AT&T still holds the majority of shares, DirecTV is now a separate business. Additionally, the OAN move wasn’t “recently revealed”; it was first announced in January, and Trump has been discussing it ever since.

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In any case, DirecTV’s decision to discontinue OAN had nothing to do with WarnerMedia. After the split, Trump’s detested “Fake News CNN” will be a part of the Warner-Discovery company but will no longer be affiliated with AT&T or DirecTV.

oan dropped by time warner

When AT&T and Time Warner merged, Trump was president. He aggressively fought to block it, frequently blaming his longstanding foe CNN, but the deal finally went through.

To further complicate matters, a report in the Independent on the subject mentioned Trump criticizing “Time Warner Cable” for removing One America News from its cable systems. Since Time Warner sold its former cable division to Charter Communications, which later changed its name to Spectrum, in 2016, there hasn’t been anything called Time Warner Cable.

In defense of the former president, merger history is highly convoluted and challenging to understand. But based on what Trump said, a lot of the media coverage, and responses on social media from supporters and opponents of the president, it appears that a major airline has just declared that it is discontinuing One America News. That is not the case.

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