Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth 2022: Who is the Wife of Bishop Lamor Miller-whitehead? What Occurred at the Church of Bishop?


After the recent robbery case involving Bishop Lamor Whitehead, who was robbed along with his wife and several churchgoers of jewels worth a total of $400,000, the hashtag #BishopLamorWhitehead has been trending on Twitter.

The crime occurred during a church service. It has brought up a lot of old incidents to pop back again to haunt the Bishop, but everyone is grateful that the armed men did not damage anyone in the process.

The internet’s perspective on the story was conflicting because of this, and it has brought up a lot of past incidents.


Lamor Whitehead, who was born in Brooklyn to parents who were politicians and community activists, went on to become one of the most well-known preachers in the city of Brooklyn after growing up there.

Whitehead’s father, Arthur Miller, was an officer in the government and an active member of the community. On the route, he was brutally beaten to death by sixteen officers, and as a result, his little son, Lamor, was reared by his mother and her family.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

The Brooklyn Bishop was arrested for identity theft when he was younger, and despite the fact that he has been through many difficulties in life, he has been able to turn his life around by dedicating himself to God and guiding others through the same road that he went through.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead serves as the bishop at the Leader of Tomorrow International Ministries at the present time. The Bishop developed this ministry himself and describes it as one that equips people via the pure word of God.

He even lives streams his church service to his followers, who come to hear him speak and are eager to learn from the experience. He has a large number of followers who frequent his church.

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Who is the Wife of Bishop Lamor Miller-whitehead?

Miller-Whitehead, who is now considered to be one of the most famous evangelists, had his childhood in a deeply religious home in the borough of Brooklyn.

Both of his parents were involved in many aspects of communal and political life. Whitehead’s dad, Arthur Miller, worked for the government and was very involved in the community. Whitehead was named after him.

When he was a child, he was assaulted by sixteen police officers while he was walking down the street, and as a result, he never saw his father again. After then, he was cared for by his mother as well as other members of his family.

Asia K DosReis is the name of Bishop Lamor’s wife. They are considered a “power couple” due to the fact that both of them put in a significant amount of work in order to aid others in their community.

DosReis is an ardent follower of Christ and currently serves as a bishop for the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. Her initiative resulted in the establishment of the UaReAChampion Empowerment Network.

Her network runs a multitude of mentorship programs, workshops, conferences, seminars, and other professional and spiritual development activities in order to aid modern women in locating the champion that is inside them.

Bishop Whitehead is the proud parent of two beautiful girls. Their names are Soriah Whitehead and Jaidyn Miller respectively.

Church of Bishop Lamor Whitehead

The church of Bishop Lamor Whitehead is one of the most prominent churches in Brooklyn, New York.

Children of Bishop Lamor Whitehead

Jaidyn Lamor and Soriah Whitehead are the children of Bishop Lamor Whitehead.

Net Worth

The figure that has been suggested for Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million; however, numerous sources believe that it may be anywhere from $2 million to $6 million.

The Bishop and his wife are both very active on their own social media platforms, where they flaunt their wealth by posting pictures of themselves with expensive cars and jewelry.

Lamor’s church service draws a large number of people, and he also broadcasts it live on his social media channels, where he has a following of more than one million people.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

Because of his position as a bishop, he has amassed a sizeable fortune, and his wife is doing well in her own business thanks to the support system she has established for advancing the status of women.

What Occurred At The Church Of Bishop Lamor Whitehead?

When three armed individuals entered Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s church in New York while he was in the middle of leading a church service there, they began making threats toward both the Bishop and the attendees of the event.

When the thieves entered the service, the church was broadcasting it live on the internet, thus the heist was captured on camera.

According to the reports, the robbers stole jewelry from the Bishop and his wife that was worth $400,000 dollars.

Later on, Lamor discussed the situation, assuring his followers on Instagram that he was alright and that no one was hurt during the incident.

However, he also informed his followers that those who were there at the scene were still shaken up by the ordeal.

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