Jack Fenton Cause of Death: A Rotor Blade From a Helicopter Killed Jack Fenton!


Jack Fenton, a 22-year-old Englishman, died in Mykonos, Greece, after being struck by a helicopter’s rotor blade.

The young man had just disembarked from the plane together with his three traveling companions and his parents, who were in a separate chopper. The group had been transported to a secure location at the Superior Air heliport in Spata.

Several witnesses reported that Jack Fanton was once again approaching the aircraft with the goal of snapping a selfie. Several others yelled at him to stop, but he disregarded their advice.

Jack Fenton Cause of Death

The rotor blade struck him in an instant, killing him instantly. During the investigation, the Greek police arrested the pilot and two ground technicians.

The president of the Air Accidents Commission, Ioannis Kandyllis, also commented on the incident.

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Friends of a British Man Killed by a Helicopter Blade in Greece Dispute the Notion That He Was on the Phone

Tuesday night, the friends of a British tourist who was killed by a helicopter rotor in Greece voiced their outrage at the authorities attempt to hold him responsible for his own death.

Jack Fenton, 22 years old, was murdered instantly when he was struck by a whirling tail blade as he and three friends exited from a helicopter near Athens International Airport.

Following a vacation to the holiday island where they celebrated Fenton’s birthday, the group was scheduled to return to the United Kingdom on Monday evening.

According to official media, the helicopter’s pilot and two other individuals were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the event. They were eventually set free.

Greek officials soon claimed that the horrible disaster occurred after Fenton raced back in the direction of the chopper after being led to a private lounge with the group.

Ioannis Kandyllis, the president of Greece’s committee for aviation accidents, told the Daily Mail that he held his phone to his ear and disregarded the ground crew’s requests to stop.

The account was vehemently refuted on Tuesday night by Fenton’s traveling companions who witnessed his death.

Jack Stanton-Gleaves, 20, Max Savage, 20, and James Yeabsley, 19, were described by a family member as “traumatized” and were scheduled to return home on Tuesday evening.

Despite his sadness and astonishment, Mr. Stanton-Gleaves attempted to correct the record regarding the death of his companion.

In a statement to The Telegraph, he stated, “No instructions were given as we exited the aircraft, and no one accompanied us to the lounge. They only opened the doors for us.

“We exited independently, and no one prevented Jack from proceeding to the rear of the helicopter. No one made it to the lounge before the accident occurred.

“I’ve heard rumors that Jack was on his phone and sprinted back to the chopper, which is completely false. I do not know why he turned towards the rear of the helicopter, as he was not using his phone.

His father, Robin Stanton-Gleaves, is the owner and chairman of the National League football team Bromley FC. He was with his son in Greece on Tuesday.

Regarding the Greek stories of Fenton’s death, he informed The Telegraph that “considerable corrections” were still necessary.

Victoria, the mother of Fenton, remarked that the family was “totally crushed” by the loss of “the most amazing son.”

From her home in Tonbridge, Kent, she told MailOnline, “Jack and his buddies had gotten a helicopter from Athens to Mykonos without any issues, and so they did the same thing to return to Athens.

“He had exited the helicopter without incident when it landed in Athens, but for some reason, he went back behind it and was murdered by the rear propeller. It was immediate.

“He had been out the night before but had only consumed water during the day yesterday. He and his companions were sober.”

Jack Fenton Cause of Death

Fenton attended the £36,000-per-year Sutton Valence School in Maidstone, Kent, before enrolling in Oxford Brookes University. He was a junior account executive with a social media marketing agency at the time of his death.

James Thomas, the headmaster of Sutton Valence School, stated, “Our school was deeply saddened to learn of Jack’s unfortunate death this morning. “He was a well-liked member of the community, and our thoughts go out to his family.

All individuals touched by the disaster are in our thoughts and prayers. Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office spokesperson: “We are assisting the family of a British citizen who died in Greece and is in communication with local authorities.”

Ball Street Network, Fenton’s employer in London, released the following statement to the BBC: “Our staff is in shock after learning this awful news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack’s loved ones.

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