Keep Breathing Release Date, Cast, Premise and Review


With a new Netflix production called Keep Breathing, Mexican actress and singer Melissa Barrera continues to diversify her career after a successful run with roles in films including Scream, In the Heights, and Vida.

In this suspenseful survival story, a young woman survives a plane accident alone. The premiere date, cast roster, directors, and other information for the show were just made available by Netflix.

The co-showrunners are Martin Gero (Bored to Death) and Brendan Gall (Blindspot). The Wilds, Yellowjackets, and shows like this one make it seem like plane crash survival stories are currently all the rage.

Keep Breathing Release Date

Martin Gero and Brendan Gall are the show’s creators, and Keep Breathing is an original survival drama produced by Netflix.

Keep Breathing Release Date

The show’s first broadcast was on July 28, 2022, and featured six episodes.

Keep Breathing Premise

A single lady is forced to confront both the natural elements and random events to stay alive when her plane goes down in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

The Cast of Keep Breathing

The series will also feature Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), Austin Stowell (Catch-22, Bridge of Spies), Juan Pablo Espinosa (Acapulco), and Florencia Lozano, in addition to Melissa Barrera, who plays the lead character Liv (One Life to Live, Narcos).

Maggie Kiley (Dr. Death, Dirty John) and Rebecca Rodriguez will co-direct the TV show (Queen of the South, Doom Patrol). Rodriguez will helm the second half of the season, while Kiley will handle the first three episodes.

  • Melissa Barrera plays the main character and lone survivor Liv
  • Austin Stowell plays another plane passenger named Sam
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa plays Liv’s dad
  • Florencia Lozano plays Liv’s mom
  • Unclear who Jeff Wilbusch portrays

The Review of Keep Breathing

This much may be said about “Keep Breathing”: It’s remarkably resistant to streaming-era bloat. Could the story of a lady battling the sorrow of her past while attempting to survive a plane accident have been presented in 90 minutes?

Sure, sure. However, in six episodes, roughly half an hour long, the series makes its points, reinforces them a couple of times, and then moves on.

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Melissa Barrera plays Liv, a character clinging to life (get it?). Liv had the misfortune of wheedling her way into a seat on a small plane heading into a remote area of Canada, which became her new home after an astonishingly implausible accident that demonstrates just how little Netflix spends on non-marquee programming.

Liv is remarkably competent at delving into her resourcefulness to figure out how to survive, much like a grown-up, corporate-lawyer version of the protagonist of the YA classic novel “Hatchet.” She is also joined by the characters who haunt her thoughts, the first of which is one of the plane’s two co-pilots (Austin Stowell).

Keep Breathing Release Date

The pilot’s taunts spur her on to survive; as she progresses through time and energy ebbs away, things become murkier as various figures from her past emerge, ranging from her parents (Juan Pablo Espinosa and Florencia Lozano) to a lover (Jeff Wilbusch).

The depiction of Liv’s organizing trauma in “Keep Breathing” is brilliantly diffuse — there isn’t a single horrible incident that occurred to her, but rather a sequence of vexing interpersonal interactions — yet it can also appear aimless.

Barrera gives it her all. The performance is most potent in the present tense, as connections between the struggle to survive and slightly less existential difficulties don’t always land.

(There’s one particularly jarring jump cut from Liv vomiting in the bush and vomiting in her bathroom.) Overall, “Keep Breathing” is forgettable, despite some lovely moments, and its greatest triumph is its refusal to keep viewers on the hook for hours longer than required. That is sometimes sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keep Breathing Have a Season 2?

Despite the finale, Liv’s journey is very conclusive. Therefore we’re going to go ahead and predict that Keep Breathing will not be renewed for a second season.

How Many Keep Breathing Episodes Are There?

On the one hand, the conclusion is pleasant, but it comes at the expense of lethargy across the six episodes – and I wouldn’t be shocked if many people end up skipping these bits. Liv is a bit of a mixed bag herself.

Did Liv Make It Through Keep Breathing?

How does the first season of Keep Breathing end? Despite her lack of resources, Liv grits her teeth, grab a random wood, and jumps into the water, allowing it to carry her downstream. Of course, this is extremely risky. Nonetheless, Liv miraculously makes it safely to the bottom.

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