Jupiter Ascending 2: Review, Cast, and Plotline of the Movie


Warner Bros. Pictures released Jupiter Ascending in the United States on February 6, 2015. Critics gave the film mainly unfavorable reviews. At the same time, the visual effects, plot, and themes were lauded, but the writing, lack of character development, some performances, and excessive dialogue were panned.

During its theatrical run, it earned $183 million against a budget of $176-210 million, making it a box-office flop. Jupiter Ascending was the seventh movie that Grant Hill and the Wachowskis produced as producers or executive producers.

Jupiter Ascending 2 Cast

  • Channing Tatum plays Caine Wise

Channing Tatum plays Caine Wise, a genetically engineered soldier who appears to be half human and half canine. He possesses a phenomenal sense of smell, which allows him to trace a gene throughout the universe.

Tatum used a mouthpiece to modify the curvature of his lower jaw for the role, which prohibited him from closing his mouth and made it difficult for him to talk.

  • Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones

Mila Kunis portrays the role of Jupiter Jones in the series. Kunis has stated that her character is unhappy with both her profession and her life up until the point where she meets Caine.

Jupiter Ascending 2

  • Sean Bean as Stinger Apini

Stinger Apini, a “Han Solo-type guy,” is played by Sean Bean. He is a former buddy of Caine’s who now lives on Earth with his daughter. Stinger is half human and half honeybee, giving him superhuman speed, exceptional vision, and a strong sense of loyalty.

  • Eddie Redmayne as Balem Abrasax

Eddie Redmayne plays Balem Abrasax, the eldest of the three Abrasax siblings and Emperor of the House of Abrasax.

Balem rules the most prosperous business empire known to man from a massive refinery in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. Jupiter Jones’ claim to Earth makes him feel threatened, so he tries to stop her.

  • Douglas Booth as Titus Abrasax

Douglas Booth plays Balem’s brother Titus Abrasax. Booth’s character is “a little bit of a playboy,” as the script compares his spaceship to the Playboy Mansion and a Gothic cathedral.

Jupiter Ascending 2 Released Date

The film’s release date was pushed back from February 6, 2015, to June 3, 2014, due to preliminary test screenings in April and the need for more time to complete over 2,000 special effects shots, which increased the final budget from $130 million to more than US$210 million.

The film was scheduled to be released on July 25, 2014, but was eventually pushed back to July 18, 2014. The film was given a “secret screening” at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, which was by invitation only and was not open to the press.

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According to Variety’s Ramin Setoodeh, there were clusters of empty seats at the showing. Like its competition Seventh Son from Universal Pictures, the film was released in IMAX 3D on the same weekend.

Jupiter Ascending made its Sundance Film Festival debut on January 27, 2015, in the Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theatre in Park City.

Jupiter Ascending 2: Review

Modern cynicism makes honesty difficult. You would think filmmakers attempted the impossible combined with avant-garde cinema and visual bombast. Since the first “Matrix” movie 16 years ago, Lana and Andy Wachowski have been Hollywood outsiders.

“Speed Racer” and “Cloud Atlas” are famous. Nonworking paragraphs have beauty, simplicity, and ridiculous grandeur. The Wachowskis’ willingness to spend hundreds of millions on popcorn fantasies is admirable. You can’t deny the Wachowskis’ vision. Playing: “Jupiter Ascending”

The evil Abrasax dynasty tries to force Jupiter to sign a property deal and collect her eggs so they can siphon energy from human prisoners. It’s about a female “Matrix”-style messiah who battles demonic siblings á la “King Lear” for solar system dominance. I’d somewhat untangle Christmas lights.

I don’t know what the movie’s villains or heroes sought. Jupiter’s half-man, half-werewolf warrior-protector rescues her as spaceships crash into asteroid belts and skyscrapers.

Jupiter Ascending 2

The last line sounds great but isn’t. “Jupiter” lacks the Wachowskis’ characteristic weirdness. Channing Tatum plays Jupiter Jones’ bodyguard, would-be boyfriend, a fallen angel, and The Terminator’s puppy-dog cousin.

Eddie Redmayne’s Balem, Tuppence Middleton’s Kalique, and Douglas Booth’s Titus purr over caustic syllables. Hackneyed images, sound effects, and music overwhelm them (composer Michael Giacchino reuses themes from the original “Star Trek” films).

Kunis is disappointing (compared to Jupiter, Neo from “The Matrix” is psychologically intelligent). She’s uninterested in the celebration. Tatum’s emotional openness makes you care about Jupiter’s defender despite his stick-figure stature. Tatum’s tears are famous.

He’s one of the few American hotties who can sell Boy Scout morality. He’s outclassed by the film’s artificial cosmos, like other crucial characters. Too many action sequences, monsters, cityscapes, and starships will make you miss “Guardians” or “Fifth Element.”

Redmayne’s mannered performance aids the film’s, purple heart. Redmayne portrays Glenn Close as she would be at 100. He trembles, nostrils blazing. He screams 10 and murmurs 90. Never blinks long or often. Was the movie wrecked to rescue it? His anarchy earns an “A” if so.

“Jupiter Ascending” is a gloomy blockbuster by unknown directors. “So awful it’s good” guarantees clumsy obsession. It’s not horrible or any other subtype of bad. It’s bland, listless, and film school seeking for a tentpole horrible.

I expected the opposite from the creators of “Cloud Atlas,” a fable about reincarnation, pure love, and the Brotherhood of Man, and “Speed Racer,” whose neon-and-steel-and-peyote style approached hallucinogenic poetry.

Maybe last summer’s edition had more nuanced characters, a better story, and a more robust tone. The two-hour version that opened this weekend feels like it was written and filmed by anyone with a lot of money and a willingness to parody the action-fantasy formula.

It’s exciting and sincere. Caine soars like Superman to capture falling Jupiter. The flick lacks originality. Despite its cacophony and color, “Jupiter Ascending” looks, sounds, and moves like every sci-fi or fantasy adventure since the “Matrix,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Hobbit,” and “Star Wars” prequels.

We all need to reboot the special effects blockbuster. Monsters, vehicles, and gladiators battling in congested, rapidly recorded CGI landscapes appear to have been made using 10 or 11 software programs. “Jupiter Ascending” is modestly luxurious. The Wachowskis are trailing in technology and inventiveness. Been-there-done-that dulls the senses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jupiter Ascending Entertaining to Watch?

Jupiter Ascending is a thrilling adventure, a fairy tale, and a visually magnificent epic that requires you to suspend your disbelief. It is not for the cynical but a breathtaking experience you must accept.

Why Did Jupiter Ascending Go Wrong?

Jupiter Ascending was swiftly overshadowed in the expanding area of female-centric sci-fi action because it fails to pander to the audience’s need to see female protagonists in these types of stories with a trustworthy agency.

Is Dune Related to Jupiter Ascending?

‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is Three Times The Same Movie, And It’s Also An Overblown ‘Dune’ Fan-Fiction – CrudeReviews.

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