Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date: Who Be Will in the Cast?


Since the start of Love is Blind season 2 on Netflix around four months ago, viewers have eagerly anticipated season 3. I’m sorry to be the one to break the terrible news. The third season won’t be available on Netflix in June.

Love is Blind season 3 was conspicuously absent from the list of new Netflix movies and TV programs in June. So it appears that there is still some waiting involved.

The second season of Love is Blind came to a dramatic conclusion, leaving viewers eager for a third season. Fortunately, the streamer revealed that Love is Blind season 3 would be available on Netflix later this year, roughly three weeks after the season 2 reunion special aired. However, no precise release date was given.

The dating show had two more seasons ordered by the streaming service, and later this year, a Love Is Blind: After The Altar special starring members of the season, 2 casts would be published. The remainder of the year will be filled with lots of Love is Blind stuff for fans to enjoy.

Netflix has yet to reveal a release date for Love is Blind season 3 as of June 10. In the interim, we’re always willing to provide our release date forecasts.

When is Will Love Blind Season 3 Be Released?

Although the release date for Love Is Blind season 3 hasn’t been disclosed by Netflix, we may assume it will come soon.

The streamer ordered the third season together with the second season back in March 2020. The epidemic, however, threw a spanner in the works. Season 2’s filming didn’t start until the spring of 2021.

Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of Love Is Blind has already begun filming, which is terrific news. In September of last year, Vanessa Lacey, a co-host, stated to E! News, “We shot season 3 already.” Chris Coelen, the series creator, confirmed this to Metro UK. Netflix recently confirmed the release of season 3.

The Cast of Love Blind Season 3

Since Love is Blind is a reality program, we may anticipate an entirely new cast from the previous season. Casting for attention is not tolerated by the production staff. They require individuals who are genuinely searching for love.

Since the specially constructed facility was in Atlanta, Season 1 was populated by many Atlantans. When the show was renewed, Netflix posted audition notices for single men and women throughout Chicago.

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This makes sense, given that the show connects couples that live close to one another. As a result, we may anticipate seeing many Chicagoans on the program. Stay put, and we’ll keep you informed about the new cast.

The Plotline of Love is Blind Season 2

It’s difficult to predict what to expect from a reality show. Love is Blind is all about matching singles with a mate they will only meet once they are engaged. Observing which couples end up walking down the aisle will be fascinating.

We saw some leave their partners at the altar in season 1, and it would be interesting to watch whether it happens again this season. Only then can we declare with certainty that love is blind.

Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date

Love Is Blind’s first two seasons followed the same premise, but things could change in the third season. “Every season is entirely different,” says Coelen. Season 3 is, to put it mildly, very different from seasons 1 and 2.

So far, 15 men and 15 women have taken part in the series, although they are kept apart. They engage in blind speed dating in the pods. They restrict their options as they continue to flirt and get to know each other. If one person makes a proposal and the other accepts, they can meet in person.

Engaged couples spend their honeymoon in a lovely beach resort. They interact with the other teams while also developing their bonds. After their honeymoon, they return to their hometown and share a furnished apartment.

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They continue their regular lives, working, socializing, and meeting new friends and family. Before the wedding, men have bachelor parties, while women have bachelorette parties.

They can get married if both parties agree. When they meet on their wedding day, each couple is asked to say “I do” or “I don’t” at the altar. If one or both say “I don’t,” they can break up or resume dating normally.

Trailer for Love is Blind Season 3

The official trailer for Season 3 has yet to be released. In connection with the Season 3 announcement, Netflix also released a weird music video to promote their seemingly unending lineup of “reality romance” shows.

It stars Chloe Veitch, who has been in The Circle, Bling Empire, Too Hot to Handle, and other Netflix shows.

Format of Love is Blind Season 3

The format of Love Is Blind has been consistent for the previous two seasons, but things may alter during season 3. “Every season is different,” Coelen told Metro. “Season 3 is vastly different from seasons 1 and 2.”

So far, the format has drawn 15 men and 15 women, who are kept apart. In the pods, they go on blind speed dates. They narrow down their possibilities as they flirt and get to know each other. If one person proposes and the other accepts, they can meet face to face.

Engaged couples spend their honeymoon in a lovely beach resort. They continue to develop their relationships while simultaneously socializing with the other teams. When their honeymoon is over, they return to their hometown to share a furnished flat.

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They continue their daily lives, working, socializing, and introducing their new significant others to their families and friends. The men have a bachelor party before the wedding, while the women have a bachelorette party.

On their wedding days, each couple gathers at the altar and is asked to say “I do” or “I don’t.” They marry if both parties say, “I do.” They can break up or restart regular dating if one or both answers, “I don’t.”

A reunion episode follows the ending. Season one also included an After the Altar special, aired more than a year after the reunion (two years after the couples first met).

Frequently Asked Questions

Love is Blind Was It Staged?

Many fans felt that the show’s untamed character required it to be scripted. Love Is Blind is not scripted, and the show is, to some part, actual. According to the show’s producers and competitors, everything surrounding the couples and their engagements was true.

Are the Couples From Love is Blind Actually Wed?

Prepare to spend a lot more time in pods: According to TVLine, Netflix has renewed its dating show Love Is Blind for two more seasons through Season 5.

Who is Pregnant in the Film Love is Blind?

The Love is Blind actor Mark Anthony Cuevas and his fiancee Aubrey Rainey gave birth to a new child at approximately 33 weeks. On Thursday, the reality TV personality, 27, posted a picture of Rainey, 25, lying in a hospital bed with the comment, “baby #2, let’s go.”

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