Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Release Date, Cast, Plotline, and Trailer


Aquaman, directed by James Wan, is the only DCEU film to gross more than a billion dollars worldwide. It rules for various reasons, including Atlantians riding sharks and seahorses, mysterious monsters in the deep, and crab people!

Aquaman has a fun factor that Shazam! Did not, yet also has face-melting amazing effects in practically every shot. Aquaman is a perfect homage to 1980s action flicks, replete with a hottie, one-liners, and action with punctuation.

The entrance of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) establishes the ’80s action camp that the remainder of the film will follow. The film takes place shortly after the events of the Justice League and depicts Arthur’s struggle to embrace his responsibility to Atlantis and the people of Earth.

He defends the water until fate summons him to intervene in Atlantian royal affairs after his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) orchestrates a battle with the surface.

The plot is comparable to Justice League: Throne of Atlantis from DC’s 2015 new 52 animated series, but Aquaman modernizes it with flair. Wan began previewing his ideas for the impending Aquaman follow-up, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, last year.

After a hasty attempt to assemble their stable of heroes on screen resulted in bad reviews and reception, DC hasn’t pushed the creative team on a sequel, choosing to prioritize quality over quantity. You can learn everything there is to know about Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom right here.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Release Date

The date of March 17, 2023, has been set for the release of the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in theatres. The release date of the second Aquaman movie was initially developed for December 21, 2022.

aquaman and the lost kingdom release date

However, the release of another DC picture, Shazam! The Wrath of the Gods This was owing to Warner Bros. rescheduling the majority of the titles that it will release in the future, which caused this situation.

It was confirmed by Jason Momoa when he landed in London to begin filming that production had started in the early part of 2021, with the beginning of principal photography taking place in July of that same year.

The Cast of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa’s character Arthur Curry, often known as Aquaman, is back as the ruler of Atlantis. Momoa announced on Instagram that the day before his first day of filming in London, he would fade or feature his hair once more.

Khal Curry recently revealed a sneak peek of a different wardrobe for the upcoming movie. The rich gold and green protective covering retrieved after Aquaman and the new, leaner, more enigmatic covert clothing might alternate in viewers’ attention.

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The suite is “Atlantian tech in light of cephalopods’ cover capacities,” according to Wan.
As the Atlantean water-twister Mera, Amber Heard reprises her role. Notwithstanding significant legal and media debate.

Heard will reprise her role in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. She continued playing it during further Justice League filming for Zack Snyder. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays Dark Manta, Aquaman’s adversary.

Additionally, he is quoted as saying in a meeting, “In Aquaman, we just received a quick prologue to Black Manta and a subset of his goals.” Patrick Wilson will once again play Orm. In April, Wilson published a photograph of a sweat outline.

aquaman and the lost kingdom release date

Orm, who appears more like a buff Cast Away than an Ocean Master and is oddly ashore, was the first character director James Wan revealed to have a different appearance from Aquaman. As King Nereus of Xebel, actor Dolph Lundgren will make a comeback. He is one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, and Temuera Morrison is the human father of Arthur.

The Plotline of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

There is still no word on the plot of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. There are various possible plot lines for the film, and Warner Bros has only provided the following comment about it thus far.

Based on the first Aquaman film and what we know from the comic books, we can make conclusions about the sequel’s plot.

Aquaman’s arch-nemesis, Black Manta, may exact his vengeance on the hero. In DC history, Black Manta is one of the most violent villains, fuelled by his hatred for Aquaman, whom he blames for his father’s death.

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Another possible direction for the film is an investigation of the Seven Kingdoms. In the DC comic book lore, Atlantis is one of seven oceanic kingdoms, along with Xebel, a military country, The Kingdom of Deserters, and The Trench.

The Mariana Trench, the deepest portion of the ocean, contains the Mariana Trench. It is home to some of the most ferocious sea animals. This could be the location of the Trench-like creatures that attacked Aquaman and his pals in the first film.

Trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

There is no teaser for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom yet. However, the full trailer is expected to be released in late 2022 or early 2023. In the meantime, as you wait for the teaser, you can see the first Aquaman movie trailer here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Name of Aquaman’s Girlfriend?

Kath Soucie voices Queen Mera in supporting parts throughout the Young Justice animated series season. She is the wife of Aquaman and the Queen of Atlantis.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: How to Watch?

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom open on March 17, 2023. After its theatrical debut, HBO Max will stream the film. JustWatch can help you find 4K Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom streams.

Is Mera More Formidable Than Aquaman?

While both are extremely powerful, Aquaman is far more potent than Mera. Mera has a carrying capacity of around seventy tonnes and can leap from the ocean to a plane two thousand meters in the air. She’s powerful, but Aquaman has her beat.

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