Ghost In Shell: Co_2045


When it comes to the film adaptation of another mediocre light novel isekai or original work, the stakes are not so high. There is room for maneuver and experimentation. A picky viewer, of course, will grumble for the sake of formality. Though, over time everything will be forgotten. So don’t forget to test your luck at a casino online until the digital rules allow. However, you can’t just take the “Ghost in the Shell” and do whatever you want with it. This simple truth has apparently been forgotten by Netflix, which has actively taken up Japanese animation in recent years. Ghost in the Shell is not just a milestone in the world history of cyberpunk, but one of the pillars of anime in general. And for this, you need to thank both the author of the manga, Shirow Masamune and the director of its adaptation, Oshii Mamoru, who shifted the focus and contributed to the formation of the universe popular all over the world.

A quarter of a century saw the release of a sequel to the original film and two series. The sequel to The Loner Syndrome and the prequel Arise, both end with full-length films. Hollywood, represented by Paramount Pictures, also could not stand aside and released its own version in 2017 with live actors. Scarlett Johansson and Kitano Takeshi were the main actors. The franchise developed with mixed success until Netflix took over. The news of work on CO_2045, the sequel to The Alone Syndrome, which debuted in April last year, was received with enthusiasm by fans. Although the participation of the streaming service made some worry about the new series. As it turned out in the end, the skeptics were not mistaken in their misgivings.

As Planned, Almost

On paper, everything looked pretty decent. The unchanged Production I.G, director and screenwriter Kamiyama Kenji, who worked on The Loneliness Syndrome, and character design from Ilya Kuvshinov, whose quite worthy art has little to do with the final result. A small, furry animal called the Arctic fox crept quietly and unnoticed, as any self-respecting predator should, from Sola Digital Arts, the Japanese studio specializing in computer graphics and responsible for Starship Troopers: Invasion and Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars. By the way, this year the audience is waiting for a new work by Sola, who decided once again to encroach on the sacred things for any cyberpunk fan, for which she teamed up with Crunchyroll and Adult Swim for the anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

What is it About?

But back to CO_2045. The anime takes place 11 years after the “Strong State Community”: the world has changed, humanity is forced to adapt to new realities, and the 9th division of the Public Security Bureau has been disbanded. The major, along with half of her colleagues, became a mercenary and moved to the United States. There she became involved in a covert NSA operation. However, Aramaki, retained his position in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the support of the new Prime Minister of Japan, albeit at the behest of the US President. Also, managed to restore the unit, which was faced with a new threat to humanity. Substantially, this is still the same “Ghost in the Shell” Everything is involved in politics, economics, social problems, intrigues, and the confrontation between governments, corporations, and terrorists. There are no questions about the plot and narration.

But the visual part is difficult to describe within the norms of the literary language. At the first glance at what is happening on the screens, one immediately recalls the American CGI animated series from the mid-2000s. Of course, technology has stepped forward, and the budget for the project has clearly been allocated. Therefore, all this indecency looks much better. But this does not make it any easier. If you describe the picture in a nutshell, then I would choose the epithets “clumsy” and “comical”. The video sequence causes an acute feeling of rejection, both in static and dynamics. At the same time, the action scenes, in particular hand-to-hand combat, did a good job.


The relief on the faces was drawn in such a way that it seems that everyone has scars. This is especially noticeable on the cheeks. By the way, Netflix did not fail to add a black man to the script here. Although this is justified from the point of view of history. Well, the animation of secondary characters in the background makes us draw parallels with the looped movements of NPCs in some kind of video game. Oddly enough, computer graphics had its supporters, but the majority still experienced only rejection. Barely looking at the debut trailer for the series.

And what is the result? “Ghost in the Shell: CO_2045” could be a worthy work of the story of Kusanagi Motoko and the 9th division. By and large, anime is exactly what they are with all the pluses and minuses. On the other hand, undisguised and ugly computer graphics are clearly not something you can get used to, especially in 12 episodes. Anyway, Netflix originally planned two seasons, with Aramaki Shinji, who worked with Sola Digital Arts on two Starship Troopers animated films, to handle the second.


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