Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date: Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, How to View Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Halina Reijn directs Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, a 2022 American black comedy slasher film.

The studio A24 has already had a successful year in 2022, having produced smash films Everything Everywhere All at Once, X, and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, but they’re jumping into the summer movie season with the murder-mystery comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies.

A24 has a history of releasing out-of-the-box comedies such as Zola, On the Rocks, Under the Silver Lake, The Disaster Artist, Lady Bird, and others. Bodies Bodies Bodies is about to join them.

When is the Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date?

Bodies Bodies Bodies premieres exclusively in US theaters on Friday, August 5th.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date

It arrives in Britain on September 9.


  • Amandla Stenberg as Sophie
  • Maria Bakalova as Bee
  • Myha’la Herrold portraying Jordan
  • Chase Sui as Emma Wonders
  • Rachel Sennott portrays Alice, Lee Pace portrays Greg.
  • Pete Davidson portrays David Conner O’Malley portrays Max.

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A group of seven young friends holds a house party in a secluded estate during a hurricane, hosted by Sophie, who is recently sober, and David, who is enormously affluent.

Bee is Sophie’s working-class girlfriend and is new to their group of friends; she is oblivious to the type of party they host and consumes an excessive amount of cake without realizing it is edible. Jordan, another guest, cautions Bee that Sophie is not who she seems to be.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date

Sophie, who has been in rehabilitation, has not communicated with the rest of the group for some time, and the social relations between them are uneasy. The group chooses to play “bodies bodies bodies,” a murder-in-the-dark-themed party game.

The game’s failure further splits the bonds, with David battling with everyone from his fiancée Emma to the much-older Greg, Alice’s new lover and another outsider in the group.

They conclude the game but soon discover that a real murder has occurred, forcing them to seek again among themselves for the perpetrator.

How to View Bodies Bodies Bodies?

In March 2022, the premiere of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies occurred at South by Southwest. It is being distributed in the United States by A24 and will be released in theaters on August 5.

The satirical slasher has an R rating and a running time of one hour and thirty-five minutes, which is not surprising given the amount of language, violence, and drugs evident in the trailer alone.


On April 26th, A24 released the trailer for Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. The trailer underlines the film’s darkly sarcastic tone by intercutting scenes from the film with some of the accolades the film garnered when it was exhibited at SXSW.

It begins with the characters frolicking through their drug-fueled party while shouting the words “I Like Myself” from the educational Blue Sky Puppet Theater program aimed to teach schoolchildren how to make good decisions.

Throughout the clip, characters accuse one another of gaslighting, being toxic, and escalating tensions while employing pop psychology terminology. (The issue at hand involves a murder.) The posters for the film state in large type, “This is not a safe zone.”

The teaser highlights the film’s innovative lighting design. With extensive use of neons, disco balls, and figures frequently decorated with glow sticks, the picture has a unique and fashionable appearance.

The A24 Film Will Be a Blend of Slasher/murder Mystery and Comedy

As said previously, A24 has created a large number of horror films, and most of them tend to lean a bit more towards the horror side, meaning we witness a great deal of blood, guts, and more.

And while it appears as Bodies Bodies Bodies will similarly follow this path, Variety describes this picture as more of a horror/comedy.

Sophia, a young woman who has recently left rehab, invites her friends to meet her new girlfriend as a way of celebrating. This bunch of buddies play “murder in the dark” during their party.

However, the night takes a turn when a murder occurs, so they must determine who committed the crime without becoming the next victim.

I adore a good murder mystery, which is why I was such a major fan of Knives Out. But the combination of comedy and horror will be so much fun since sometimes we need scary moments that will make us laugh and scream.

Given that the majority of A24’s horror films, from Midsommar to an earlier 2022 release, the gruesome X, are always taken seriously, it will be entertaining to see this successful film studio enter the popular horror comedy genre.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the director described the film as “Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies,” so count me in!

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