Christina Ricci’s Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Professional Beginnings, and Relationships


Christina Ricci is a well-known American actress. Ricci is best known for playing unusual characters with a dark edge in independent films, but she has also appeared in some box office hits, grossing more than US$1.4 billion to date.

She has received a National Board of Review Award and a Satellite Award, as well as nominations for a Golden Globe, two Primetime Emmys, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Christina Ricci’s Net Worth 2022

American actress Christina Ricci has an $8 million net worth. She made her acting debut as a young girl in the 1990 film “Mermaids” and later appeared as a teen in movies including “The Addams Family,” “Casper,” and “Now and Then.”

She is known for portraying odd and frequently edgy characters. Later, Ricci made appearances on television shows including “Ally McBeal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” as well as in movies like “Buffalo ’66,” “The Opposite of Sex,” “Monster,” and “Black Snake Moan.”

Christina Ricci’s Early Life

Ricci was the youngest of four children born to Sarah (née Murdoch) and Ralph Ricci in Santa Monica, California. Her mother was a Ford Agency model in the 1960s before becoming a real estate agent.

Christina Ricci's Net Worth 2022

Her father worked as a gym teacher, lawyer, drug counselor, and primal scream therapist, among other things. Ricci has stated about her surname, “My Italian ancestors have been bred out of me.

Four or five generations ago, an Italian married an Irish woman, and they had all sons. As a result, they married more Irish women, had more sons and married more Irish women. Now I’m primarily Scots-Irish “.

Ricci’s family relocated to Montclair, New Jersey, where she attended Edgemont Elementary, Glenfield Middle, Montclair High, and Morristown-Beard School. She later attended New York City’s Professional Children’s School.

Ricci’s parents divorced when she was a teenager. In interviews, she has spoken about her childhood, particularly her parents’ divorce and her tumultuous relationship with her father. Rafael, Dante, and Pia are her siblings.

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Christina Ricci’s Professional Beginnings

A local theatre critic noticed Ricci when she was eight years old after seeing her in a school rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Shortly after, she appeared in two parody advertisements on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

As the youngest daughter of Cher’s character in the family comedy/drama “Mermaids,” Ricci made her debut on the big screen in 1990. The following year, when she played Wednesday Addams in the film adaptation of “The Addams Family,” Ricci’s fame grew even further.

Ricci later played the same character again in the 1993 follow-up “Addams Family Values” before landing her first significant role in the 1995 live-action adaptation of “Casper.” The young actress appeared in “Now and Then” and “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain” that same year.


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Adult Roles in “The Ice Storm”

Ricci transitioned to more mature roles after “That Darn Cat” with “The Ice Storm” In 1998, Ricci made seven films. Johnny Depp’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and Terry Gilliam’s “Desert Blue” were among them. Ricci’s starring roles in “Pecker,” “Buffalo ’66,” and “The Opposite of Sex” earned her recognition. She was nominated for the latter.

Ricci and Depp reteamed for Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow” in 1999. She hosted “SNL” and appeared in “200 Cigarettes” that year. Ricci also produced Bless the Child, The Man Who Cried, and “Prozac Nation” Ricci also starred in “Miranda” and “The Laramie Project” in 2002.

Aftermath of “Monster” and Successes

Ricci’s 2003 was successful. In addition to “The Gathering,” “I Love Your Work,” and “Anything Else,” she co-starred in “Monster” with Charlize Theron. Theron’s performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos earned her an Oscar, but Ricci was also recognized for her role as Wuornos’ fictionalized companion Selby Wall.

Ricci starred in “Cursed” (2005) and “Penelope” (2006). In “Black Snake Moan,” she co-starred with Samuel L. Jackson as a nymphomaniac. In 2011, she co-starred with Jackson in “Home of the Brave.” “Speed Racer,” based on a 1960s anime series, “After.Life,” “Bel Ami,” starring Uma Thurman and Robert Pattinson, “Around the Block,” “Mothers and Daughters,” and “Distorted,” featuring John Cusack.

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Career in Television

Ricci has also appeared on TV. In 2002, she played Liza Bump on “Ally McBeal.” Her performance as a paramedic on “Grey’s Anatomy” earned her an Emmy nomination in 2006. She later guest-starred on “Saving Grace” and “Pan Am” from 2011 to 2012.

Christina Ricci's Net Worth 2022

Ricci played Lizzie Borden in the 2014 Lifetime miniseries “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax” and the 2015 SAG-nominated series “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.” Later television credits include “Z: The Beginning of Everything” and “Yellowjackets.”

Christina Ricci’s Personal Life

Ricci is featured as one of artist Mark Ryden’s muses in several art publications. Several of his oil paintings and sketches include her appearance. She has battled anorexia as well as anxiety.

Eight tattoos adorn Ricci’s body: a lion on her right shoulder blade (a nod to her childhood favorite book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe); an Edward Gorey figure on the inside of her right wrist; a pair of praying hands on her left hip (originally a bat).

The name “Jack” for a deceased pet on her right thigh; a sparrow on her right breast; and a mermaid on her left ankle. She also had a bouquet of sweet peas on her lower back and the phrase “Move or Bleed” tattooed on the left side of her rib cage.

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Christina Ricci’s Family and Relationships

Ricci announced her engagement to dolly grip James Heerdegen in February 2013. They married in Manhattan on October 26, 2013. They have a 2014 son. After seven years of marriage, Ricci filed for divorce on July 2, 2020.

Ricci alleged in her divorce papers that Heerdegen subjected her to “serious physical and emotional abuse” The LAPD responded to Ricci and Heerdegen’s Woodland Hills residence on June 25, 2020.

Ricci got a protective order against Heerdegen the day before she filed for divorce. The ruling restricted the couple’s interaction. In 2021, Ricci got a restraining order against Heerdegen. Heerdegen will have visiting privileges, while Ricci will have full custody of their kid in April 2021.

Ricci and hairstylist Mark Hampton revealed her pregnancy in August 2021. Two months later, Ricci married Hampton. In 2021, they’ll have a daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Has Made Christina Ricci Famous?

Christina Ricci, now 42, is best known for playing unusual characters with a dark edge. She is best remembered by most fans for her child role in Mermaids and her subsequent emergence as a ’90s ‘teen icon’ with roles in The Addams Family, Casper, and Now and Then.

Christina Ricci Appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. When?

It’s the End of the World (Grey’s Anatomy) – Christina Ricci as Hannah Davies – IMDb.

In Which Films Did Christina Ricci Debut?

Ricci made her film debut as a nine-year-old in Mermaids (1990), which was followed by a breakout role as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and its sequel, Addams Family Values (1992). (1993). Her subsequent roles in Casper and Now and Then (both in 1995) cemented her reputation as a “teen icon.”

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