Kristin Cavallari Describes Her Marriage to Jay Cutler as “Toxic” and “Unhealthy” I Was Quite Miserable!


In a new interview, Kristin Cavallari discusses her divorce and dating life, including the fact that she will not reunite with her ex-boyfriend and current podcast partner Stephen Colletti.

The reality star answered all questions, including the more difficult ones, on the Call Her Daddy podcast, including what made her marriage to former NFL player Jay Cutler “toxic,” a term she has previously used to characterize it.

The Very Cavallari alumna began, “I have three children with him, so here is my sole concern:” “I’m extremely careful about what I say — if you and I didn’t have microphones in front of us, I’d f***ing tell you — but that’s their father, and my eldest daughter Googles us now, so I want to be cautious.

My mother never spoke ill of my father when I was a child [after they separated], which I greatly admired and aspire to emulate.

Kristin Cavallari Describes Her Marriage to Jay Cutler as "Toxic" and "Unhealthy" I Was Quite Miserable!

This stated, “It was poisonous. Period. The end of the narrative. That’s basically all I need to say,” the 35-year-old responded.

“At the moment in my life,” Cavallari said of her relationship with Cutler following The Hills and a few party girl years, “he was perfect for me,” adding that it was “simple and enjoyable.” She also discussed “red flags” versus “dealbreaker” actions.

She stated, “I called off [our] engagement [in 2011] for the same reason I got a divorce.” “For the same reasons, I should add. Therefore, if there is a lesson to be learned from this, it is that red flags cannot be ignored.”

They announced their separation in 2020, claiming that it was long overdue. “It took me a few years to finally be open and honest with you,” she remarked.

The founder of Uncommon James described divorce as frightening and depressing, but also as “the best thing… In any relationship, you must choose what dealbreakers are for you… and I was extremely unhappy.

That was the conclusion. And I was in a relationship that was unhealthy. Therefore, I believe that it is not worthwhile. Also, I did not want my children to believe that this was the usual.

I wanted them to see me with someone who truly respects me and treats me the way I deserve to be treated; not immediately, but someday.

Since then, she has returned to the dating scene. Despite the toxicity, she has been on a few dates with her ex-husband.

Laguna Beach viewers will recall that she has also had a kiss with ex-boyfriend Colletti, her high school boyfriend and co-host of her new podcast, Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.

“Almost two years ago, I had supper with him and we kissed, which was fun,” she claimed of her Colletti reunion. “I was really dating someone at the time — [and] just trying to make up for a missed time — so… it didn’t really go anywhere”

She stated, “Once I’m done with someone, that’s the end of it. It’s like turning off a light switch; I can’t go back.”

She has many entertaining dating stories from the past and the present. In one, she described a date she had two months prior with an “actor” she did not identify. In the middle of a popular L.A. bar/restaurant, the meeting went horribly awry.

“He was violently chugging alcohol,” she recounted. “We were seated in a bar. It’s quite crowded. He bumps into the waiter while reenacting an action he had previously performed and says, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Please sit the f*** down, I said. He is causing an uproar in the midst of Laurel Hardware.”

Additionally, she discussed being sought by younger men. She stated, “I’ve been attracting many men in their twenties.” “I have no idea what that’s about… You are aware that I have three children, right?”

For the record, Cavallari stated that she prefers a 45-year-old businessman who does not use social media. She identified Big Little Lies actor Alexander Skarsgard as her celebrity crush.

Cavallari added that a man must be confident in himself, as well as accepting of who she is because she has dated men who lose their minds after experiencing stardom. They practically grow dependent on it, or it’s quite dangerous… They become extremely envious and insecure.

She also wants him to make the first move, but not via direct message. She stated, “At this point in my life, I want to be sought.” “I want to be courted f***ing badly. I want the guy to put up some effort.

Because guys nowadays — again, I was with Jay for ten years, and this is my first experience dating in the social media era — it’s a s*** show out there. I detest every minute of it.

However, men are currently as lethargic as a slug and are constantly seeking the next greatest thing. So it’s like, no, I’m sorry, I no longer have time for your nonsense. As if, demonstrate your seriousness by exerting effort. No, I will not initiate the conversation.

“I am dating so differently now,” she added. “I can smell s*** from a mile away, and I’m like, no, I’m not going to tolerate it.”

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Kristin Cavallari Describes Her Marriage to Jay Cutler as “Toxic” and Cautions Against Ignoring “Red Lights.”

Kristin Cavallari describes her marriage to Jay Cutler as “toxic” and cautions against ignoring “red lights.”

Kristin Cavallari wishes to remind her admirers that her marriage to former football quarterback Jay Cutler was not a happy one.

Kristin Cavallari Describes Her Marriage to Jay Cutler as "Toxic" and "Unhealthy" I Was Quite Miserable!

In a recent podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy,” Cavallari advises listeners to follow their intuition.

A former couple of reality stars and the athlete became engaged in 2011, only to momentarily separate, reunite, have their first kid, and marry within two years.

Cavallari explains, “I broke off the engagement for the same reason I divorced… If there is any takeaway from this, it is that red flags cannot be ignored. People do not alter. And, you gotta trust your gut.”

The couple separated in 2020. The Uncommon James designer, who has three children with Cutler, is mindful that what she says about their father may affect her children.

In a podcast, Cavallari disclosed, “Because I have three children with him, I choose my words carefully… My eldest now googles us.” Cavallari had one comment, however.

“It was harmful. I believe the end of the narrative.” Cavallari claims that her mother was aware of the troubles in her daughter’s relationship with Cutler, but kept them from her friends. She writes that she contemplated her divorce for three years prior to its occurrence.

Even though she and Cutler have both moved on, the reality star admitted that it was initially tough to see her ex-husband dating.

She continued though, “I sincerely hope that he finds someone. I mean that my children gain from it.” Cavallari expresses her desire for Cutler to remarry.

And while Cavallari wishes Cutler a new happily-ever-after, she reflects on her rocky connection with him, stating, “I was in an unhealthy relationship, and that is not worth it to me.”

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