‘Elder Abuse’ Claimed Against Ferris Bueller Star!


One of the stars of the 1980s classic comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is supposedly a victim of elder abuse in her own home, which is really sad news.

A legal team representing actress Edie McClurg has reportedly filed a restraining order against Michael Ramos, an unemployed guy who has been at her home for some time.

As Edie McClurg developed dementia, her attorneys assert that Michael Ramos “finagled” his way into her home and finances and must be removed. Michael Ramos, for his part, has denied abusing Edie McClurg.

'Elder Abuse' Claimed Against Ferris Bueller Star!

According to numerous accounts, Edie McClurg was diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction and dementia in 2017, most likely as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

She was placed under conservatorship in the state of California because she was found incapable of living independently without monitoring and care and was especially susceptible to elder abuse owing to her dementia.

According to reports, Edie McClurg’s caretaker has claimed that Michael Ramos has abused her on multiple occasions; the caretaker is also concerned that Ramos may have harmed Edie McClurg, but she may not be able to comprehend or recall what is occurring. Michael Ramos denies these assaults as well.

Edie McClurg’s legal team claimed in its complaint that Michael Ramos attempted to take the actress out of California in order to marry her, presumably to obtain greater legal influence over her income and affairs.

A 2019 court order reportedly prohibited Michael Ramos from attempting to marry Edie McClurg while allowing him to live at her residence. According to the complaint, Michael Ramos and Edie McClurg have never had a romantic relationship.

In a statement sent by his legal counsel, Ramos identifies himself as McClurg’s “long-term companion/fiancé.”

Later this month, the Los Angeles County Superior Court will reconsider the restraining order. Unfortunately, Edie McClurg’s situation is not unique. According to the National Council on Aging, up to five million elderly persons may be subject to abuse each year, resulting in losses in the tens of billions of dollars.

While the Council believes that one in ten senior citizens in the United States have experienced elder abuse, few cases are recorded owing to cognitive or physical incapacity and fear.

Edie McClurg is most known for her performance in the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which was released in 1986. She portrayed Grace, the upbeat secretary of Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones), the long-suffering Wile E. Coyote opposite Matthew Broderick’s Roadrunner-like Ferris Bueller.

She has appeared in a number of other well-known films, including NaturalBorn Killers by Oliver Stone, Carrie by Brian de Palma, and A River Runs Through It.

She was also a regular on The David Letterman Show, a member of the renowned comedy ensemble The Groundlings, and a performer in the original stage production of The Pee-Wee Herman Show. We wish Ms. McCurg the best of luck.

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Actress Edie Mcclurg Was Allegedly Molested by a Man Who Attempted to Marry Her

A judge in California reportedly issued a temporary restraining order against a man suspected of elder abuse against 70-year-old actress Edie McClurg.

'Elder Abuse' Claimed Against Ferris Bueller Star!

TMZ stated that Michael Ramos inserted himself into the life of the dementia-stricken “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” actor. According to the order, Ramos must leave McClurg’s residence and cannot be within 100 yards of her.

The case’s hearing is slated for September. People said that McClurg’s conservator, Angelique Cabral, filed a protective order against Ramos on Monday, claiming he attempted to marry the actor and sexually assaulted one of her home caretakers.

“Mr. Ramos claims to be the conservatee’s ‘longtime friend,’ and he was able to infiltrate her life while she was battling dementia,” Cabral stated in court records acquired by People.

“[Ramos], who is unemployed, was able to sneak into the conservatee’s residence despite never having paid rent or any other fees.”

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