Is Chase and Madelyn Back Together or Are They Still Dating?


Fans of the Outer Banks, get ready for another round. The relationship status between Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, or lack thereof, is something that continues to baffle everyone.

Even though they make believable on-screen love interests, the two appear to have a more challenging relationship outside the camera.

Nobody is quite sure what to make of the duo, but the most recent update from OBX has heightened everyone’s expectations that they will get back together…

Please allow us to bring you up to speed on the most recent happenings in the Madelyn-Chase drama.

The image was a sneak peek at the upcoming third season of Outer Banks. “I don’t want to be stranded with anyone else.” “OBX3 is now in production,” the show’s official Twitter account announced.

Chase also posted both photos to his Instagram account with the caption “welcome back,” as fans went crazy over him holding Madelyn’s hand.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

Are Chase and Madelyn Back Together, or Are They Still Dating?

While there has been no confirmation of the couple rekindling their romance, fans quickly commented on a rare PDA moment between them in Chase’s latest Instagram post.

Chase shared a photo of himself and his fellow Pogues reuniting for the third season of OBX. “welcome back (:” he captioned it. While the entire cast is adorable, we couldn’t help but notice Madelyn and Chase—WHO ARE HOLDING HANDS?

Before we get too excited, remember that they are still an on-screen couple, so if this is still from filming, they could be holding hands as John B and Sarah Cameron.

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However, fans believe Chase’s decision to post these hand-holding photos, in particular, is telling…

As you might expect, fans expressed their delight in the comments section, with one writing, “Uh Madelyn and Chase holding hands.” “MADDIE AND CHASE, I CAN’T BREATHE,” said another.

Madelyn Cline Denies Leaving the Outer Banks

Rumors were circulating that Cline was leaving OBX because he and Stokes appeared to be growing apart. The actress updated her social media profile in January 2022 to reflect the change.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

Cline stated these words in an Instagram Story that has since been removed. He wrote, “Hi, so I’m getting questioned if s3 is my final season of the box.” “I am willing to return for more seasons, provided they continue to want me.

I have nothing but gratitude in my heart for the people who have supported me throughout my career and the opportunity to do the work I like.”

The Pogues Are Back, and Perhaps Madelyn and Chase Will Follow Them

Following the publication of a third season update for Outer Banks, Chase sparked new rumors. “Welcome back (:,” the actor captioned a photo of his fellow cast mates strolling down a beach toward the water.

They were all smiling in the photo, but Madelyn and Chase held hands, which was the most crucial detail. Fans were very confident that Chase sharing these photographs portends good news for our favorite Netflix pair, even though this may be simply because they are in a relationship on the program.

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