Safiya Nygaard’s Net Worth 2022: What Caused Safiyya and Ashley’s Breakup?


YouTuber Safiya Nygaard was born in the United States on July 16, 1992. She rose to fame by developing the LadyLike television series for BuzzFeed.

Safiya Nygaard is an American social media influencer with a $3 million fortune. These days, she is well-known for her solo YouTube channel, which features material like her Bad Makeup Science series. Her viral video explains why she left the network.

Safiya Nygaard’s Net Worth 2022

Safiya Nygaard’s net worth: Safiya Nygaard is a $3 million net worth American social media personality. She is best known for her YouTube following.

Safiya Nygaard was born in July 1992 in Santa Clara, California. She is a fashion and beauty vlogger with over eight million YouTube subscribers and one billion views. Nygaard also has over two million Instagram followers.

In 2017, Safiya Nygaard had one million subscribers; by the end of the year, she had three million. She worked as a production intern for Buzzfeed. She has made several videos about her wedding to Tyler Williams, the CEO, and founder of Nextbeat.

She had six million YouTube subscribers in 2018 and eight million in 2019. In the same year, she received one billion views. By 2022, there will be over 9.5 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views on the channel.

Every day, it receives an average of 400,000 views from various sources. From the advertising that plays on the videos, this should bring in an estimated $3,200 per day in earnings ($1.1 million annually).

Safiya Nygaard's Net Worth 2022

Safiya Nygaard’s Early Life

Nygaard was born in Santa Clara, California, to an Indian mother named Mumtaz and a father named Niels Nygaard, who was of Danish heritage and worked as a businessman. Her family consists of Adil Nygaard, who is her younger brother.

She went to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, where she was born and reared until 2010. After completing her high school education, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and English at Stanford University.

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Safiya Nygaard’s Career

Nygaard joined BuzzFeed in April 2015 as a video producer for BuzzFeed’s show Ladylike. She left BuzzFeed in January 2017. Nygaard explained her decision to leave BuzzFeed in a famous 2017 video titled “Why I Left BuzzFeed.” “Why I Left BuzzFeed” has received over 14.9 million views.

Nygaard appeared in the 2018 season of Escape the Night. She is well-known for her YouTube series “Bad Beauty Science,” combining all her liquid lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, and highlighters to create “Franken” products.

Nygaard is often credited with starting a YouTube trend of combining large amounts of a single type of beauty product. She has also made several fashion-related videos in which she wears unusual or novelty clothing items such as transparent pants, 9-foot long jeans, and thigh-high Ugg boots.


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Nygaard and ColourPop collaborated on a lipstick collection in October 2019. Nygaard signed with Night Management in 2022.

Safiya Nygaard’s Personal Life

Nygaard is married to Tyler Williams, a YouTube collaborator. Several YouTubers attended Nygaard and Williams’ 2019 wedding, including Jenna Mourey (Jenna Marbles), Shane Dawson, and Cristine Rotenberg (Simply Nailogical).

Nygaard and Williams adopted a street cat named Crusty in 2015. He eventually became a prominent part of Safiya’s channel. On April 2, 2022, Nygaard posted a YouTube tribute to Crusty. Crusty died of old age in late 2021.

Nygaard and Williams sold their home in Studio City, Los Angeles, in 2021, which they had purchased in 2019. It was purchased for $3.1 million by actress Uzo Aduba, who profited $200k in less than two years. Nygaard and Williams relocated from Los Angeles to Philadelphia in early 2021 before permanently relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, that February.

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What Caused Safiyya and Ashley’s Breakup?

Following the passing of their daughter Azaylia, SAFIYYA Vorajee has spoken out about her divorce from Ashley Cain. Azaylia’s loss to acute myeloid leukemia when she was only eight months old, devastated the former marriage.

Safiyya, 34, and Ex on the Beach star Ashley, 31, announced their split last month, just days before the first anniversary of their baby girl’s death.

Safiya Nygaard's Net Worth 2022

As she looks ahead, Safiyya admits she “hopes there’s someone out there” for her. “Thinking about the future still makes me panic,” she told Closer. “My future was with Ashley and Azaylia; they were the foundation of my life.”

“I’d be 35 this year, Azaylia would be two, and we’d be a family.” “I’d love to give Azaylia a brother or sister and to get married, but I’m probably scared to commit,” Safiyya said of having more children.

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“I developed this toughness to protect myself.” I’m hoping to find someone with whom I can collaborate in the future. “I believe I’ll make it in time.” The Sun revealed last month that Safiyya and Ashley still live together and remain close despite their divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safiya Nygaard is of What Ethnicity?

Niels Nygaard and Mumtaz Nygaard raised Nygaard in Santa Clara, California. Adil Nygaard is her brother. She is a 2010 Whitney M. Young Magnet High School graduate.

Safiya and Tyler Have Been Together for How Long?

Tyler created a vlog on how he would pop the question to Safiya in December last year. “Safiya and I have been together for more than four years, and we’ve accomplished much throughout that time.

Why did Tyler move Safiya?

Tyler and Safiya set out on their road trip to visit Tyler’s parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They spent a few months reacquainting themselves with the East Coast before settling in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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