Trey Parker Net Worth 2022: Digital Contract, An Extremely Valuable Contract Clause, 2021 Viacom/CBS Deal


American animator, director, producer, screenplay, actor, and composer Trey Parker III. With his creative partner Matt Stone, he is most known for co-creating South Park (1997–) and co-developing the Tony Award-winning musical “The Book of Mormon.”


Age: 52
Born: October 19, 1969
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Director

Early Years

Trey Parker was born Randolph Severn Parker III in Conifer, Colorado on October 19, 1969. Trey grew up with his geologist father Randy, insurance saleswoman’s mother Sharon, and older sister Shelley.

Later, Randy, Sharon, and Shelley became the names of Stan Marsh’s family on “South Park,” and Randy had a tiny role in “Cannibal! The Musical” as Judge Jerry.

Trey Parker Net Worth

As a sixth grader, Parker performed a sketch he created titled “The Dentist” at the school talent competition. He was in honors classes and a Monty Python fan.

The school called Trey’s parents due to the amount of fake blood in the sketch, and Trey recalls that “the kindergarteners were all screaming and freaking out.”

Parker began creating short films at the age of 14, and he recorded the comedy album “Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads for the ’80s Man” with David Goodman, who later wrote for “South Park” and acted as the “fart coach” for the 1998 episode “Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus.”

After graduating in 1988, he attended one semester at Berklee College of Music before transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he met Matt Stone in a film class. Trey’s first film, “Giant Beavers of Southern Sri Lanka,” was released in 1989.

Around the same time, he began co-writing and co-starring in short films with Matt, including “Man on Mars” and “First Date.” The 1993 Student Academy Award went to Parker for his short film “American History.”

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In 1992, Parker and Stone launched the Avenging Conscience production business with Jason McHugh and Ian Hardin. Using construction paper cutouts, they created the short film “Jesus vs. Frosty” (also known as “The Spirit of Christmas”) and their 1995 short “Jesus vs. Santa.”

The short represents the first appearance of Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman, who would later assume their namesakes.

Matt, Trey, Jason, and Ian created a trailer for the nonexistent film “Alferd Packer: The Musical,” which was so popular among their peers that the head of the school’s film department urged them to turn it into a film.

Parker, whose fiancée, Liane Adamo, had cheated on him, plunged himself into making the picture, on which he worked as a writer, director, producer, composer, and performer.

After being sold to Troma Entertainment, the picture was renamed “Cannibal! The Musical” and follows the story of Alferd Packer (also known as “The Colorado Cannibal”), whose horse Liane abandons him during a mining expedition in Colorado Territory.

Parker and Stone traveled to Hollywood and obtained an agency, an attorney, and a script deal, but they struggled for the next four years.

Trey wrote, directed, and produced the superhero sex comedy “Orgazmo,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1997; October Films paid $1 million for the rights to the film.

After seeing “Jesus vs. Frosty,” producer Brian Graden requested Parker and Stone to create a video greeting card for him to send to his friends; the result was “Jesus vs. Santa,” which prompted Comedy Central executive Doug Herzog to invite the pair to turn it into a series.

Due to Comedy Central’s marketing of the show, the network sold nearly $30 million in t-shirts before the show’s premiere.

As of this writing, “South Park” has aired over 300 episodes over 23 seasons and spawned the movie “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” (which grossed $83.1 million at the box office), the albums “Chef Aid: The South Park Album” (1998) and “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” (1999), and a number of video games.

In 2002, Matt and Trey began collaborating on the R-rated puppet film “Team America: World Police,” which they co-wrote and co-produced. Parker directed the film and composed the majority of its music.

Both men agreed that making “Team America” was “the most difficult thing [they’d] ever done,” with Stone remarking, “I never want to see a puppet again.”

Matt and Trey began working on “The Book of Mormon” alongside writer-composer Robert Lopez, who co-created “Avenue Q,” during the production of “Team America.”

The musical debuted on Broadway on March 24, 2011, with Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad in the leading roles, and received fourteen nominations for the Tony Award.

Parker and Stone announced the creation of their production business Important Studios in 2013, stating, “Having worked with numerous studios over the years, we realized that our favorite people in the world are ourselves.”

In 2017, Trey gave his voice to the $1.03 billion-grossing film “Despicable Me 3,” for which he received credit. Parker and Stone released two “South Park” specials during the Covid-19 pandemic: “The Pandemic Special” (2020) and “South ParQ Vaccination Special” (2021).

What is the Net Worth of Trey Parker?

Trey Parker is a writer, producer, director, composer, animator, and actor in the United States. Trey Parker has a $600 million net worth.

“South Park,” which first aired on Comedy Central in 1997, was created by Trey and his college friend and classmate Matt Stone.

Digital Contract

In 2007, Matt and Trey’s contract with Comedy Central was up for renewal. After the ink had dried, the team secured a deal that is unmatched in Hollywood. The agreement enabled them to develop a digital portal for all South Park-related content, including streaming episodes.

Importantly, it gave them a 50 percent share of all digital and TV advertising revenue earned by the show. As a result of this unprecedented contract, Parker and Stone make an estimated $25 million to $30 million each year from Comedy Central alone.

An Extremely Valuable Contract Clause

How did they negotiate such a great deal? All of this derives from a clause in their first Comedy Central contract, signed in 1997. No one could have guessed at the time that digital property rights would become valuable.

No one besides Matt, Trey, and an exceptionally forward-thinking attorney. This attorney placed a condition in the original contract that stipulated the creators would earn fifty percent of any cash produced outside of the actual television airing of the show.

Approximately twenty years ago, this phrase was essentially useless. With the emergence of YouTube and other video streaming sites, all of this has changed.

Trey Parker Net Worth

Viacom momentarily attempted to argue their way out of the condition, but Parker and Stone ultimately won the right to distribute the show digitally as they saw proper, as well as a 50 percent share of non-broadcast revenue.

Matt and Trey felt it was futile to fight the pirates after observing their program being continuously stolen on YouTube. As a result, they posted every episode online for free and made millions from digital ad revenue.

With the arrival of streaming services such as Hulu, they really began to profit. When Hulu paid $192 million for four years of back catalog rights, Matt and Trey got approximately $50 million each.

It was the largest streaming contract in history at the time. When the agreement expired in 2019, HBO Max acquired exclusive streaming rights in a transaction reported to be worth between $500 million and $550 million.

2021 Viacom/CBS Deal

On August 5, 2021, ViacomCBS announced that Matt and Trey have inked a new six-year, $900 million contract.

Matt and Trey will produce six seasons of the show and fourteen films that will be exclusive to the streaming service Paramount+.

Personal Life

In January 2006, Trey wed Emma Sugiyama, and producer Norman Lear officiated the ceremony. The pair split in 2008, and Parker then married Boogie Tillmon in April 2014, becoming Kobe’s stepfather.

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