Is Bryan Bowen to Blame for Melissa Gorga’s Affair With Joe?


Let’s find out, “Did Melissa Gorga Cheat On Joe Again With Him?” Melissa Gorga is accused of cheating on her husband with Bryan Bowen.

Melissa’s previous relationship with Bryan lasted four years, according to reports. Melissa is Bryan’s ex-girlfriend as well.

The stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey included Melissa, who was the target of severe multiple infidelity claims, which drew the attention of the majority of the show’s viewers.

American writer, musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Melissa Gorga. While the show was in its third season in 2011, she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Brian “Bulldog” Bowen, Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend, appeared out of nowhere and claimed she had cheated on Joe Gorga with him in the past.

Bulldog claims that Melissa had been sleeping with him while she and Joe were dating and that their meetings continued even after Melissa and Joe married in 2013.

Let’s find out more about the alleged infidelity between Melissa Gorga and Bryan Bowen and then look more closely at Bryan.

Melissa Gorga Cheats on Joe

Bryan Bowen – Who is He?

Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen was the boyfriend of the reality TV personality Melissa Gorga. Reports indicate that Melissa dated Joe Gorga for four years before her choice to be married to him.

It is said that Melissa and Bryan shared an apartment for the first four years of their relationship before things between them became contentious and Gorga made the decision to marry someone else.

Bowen has successfully avoided the media’s attention by disregarding Bryan’s personal life, which is why it is largely unknown to the general public. But in 2013, he did reveal a startling piece of information.

They have not disclosed much about their relationship, including the circumstances around how they first became acquainted. Because Bryan leveled some serious allegations against them, they ended up all over the internet.

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Is Bryan Bowen to Blame for Melissa Gorga’s Affair With Joe?

In 2013, Melissa Gorga was said to have had an affair with her ex-boyfriend Bryan Bowen. The specifics of the adultery were never revealed, and the accusations were never proven, but the rumors successfully garnered media attention.

After getting married to Joe, Melissa allegedly continued to have sex with her ex-boyfriend Bryan. Additionally, Bryan claimed that Melissa married Joe solely for his wealth while she continued to date and love Bryan.

The drama did not end there, though, as Joe, Melissa’s husband, stood up for his wife and refuted Bryan’s accusations. The drama escalates as Bryan challenges Joe and Melissa to take a lie detector exam on live television in front of the audience.

Melissa Gorga Cheats on Joe

It’s unknown how the drama ended, but by January 2021, she was the subject of fresh scandal and a new adultery claim. Teresa allegedly accused Melissa of having an extramarital affair with Joe once more.

This time, she is accused of having an extramarital experience with a restaurant owner, according to her husband, Joe.

In an RHONJ preview, Teresa said that the restaurant owner had requested Melissa’s phone number and that they had been messaging all day.

Bryan has been absent from Melissa and Joe’s relationship for several years, despite accusations of infidelity and challenging times.

Where is Bryan Bowen, Melissa Gorga’s Ex-boyfriend, Now?

The former boyfriend of Melissa Gorga, Bryan Bowen, has been mostly absent from the public eye for the past few months.

Since the allegation of cheating in 2013, he has not made any public appearances and has not disclosed any information about his private life.

According to Starcasm, Bryan suffered from a brain tumor and had been subjected to potentially fatal operations to improve his health. As of 2022, he may have successfully overcome his brain tumor and led an everyday life.

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