Nova Rockafeller’s Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Personal life and Highlights


One can easily imagine or get a pretty good idea of who the owner of the name is based on the name Nova Rapper. You’d be correct if you guessed he’s a rapper because he certainly is.

Nova is a rising rap artist who rose to prominence after winning the third season of “The Rap Game” competition and being signed to the “So So Def label” in 2017.

The label, owned by the renowned rapper, songwriter, record producer, and record executive, has helped grow his fanbase and improve his music, much to the delight of his growing fanbase. Please continue reading to learn more about his professional and personal life.

Nova Rockafeller’s Net Worth 2022

The Canadian artist and social media celebrity Nova Rockafeller has accumulated a net worth of $3 million throughout her career. It is possible that her album “Insufficient Funds” is her most well-known body of work.

In July of 1988, Nova Rockefeller was born in Edmonton, which is located in Canada. Rockafeller became a member of the duo GFBF along with Tom MacDonald in 2017. The year 2011 saw the release of her self-produced album titled “Insufficient Funds.”

Jamaica was where Nova Rockefeller spent her childhood. She made a guest appearance on an episode of the television show The Grindhouse Radio in the year 2016.

Nova Rockafeller Net Worth 2022

The movie “The DUFF” had a soundtrack in 2015, and Nova Rockafeller contributed to the album. She not only shot the video short Tom MacDonald: Coronavirus in 2020 but also directed, edited, and produced it.

Nova Rockafeller’s Early Life

Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988, in Canada. Since he was a little boy, he has always been driven by a strong interest in rapping.

Because of his often controversial rap lyrics, he established himself as a successful hip-hop performer and gained a lot of attention. He does not shy away from singing about political and social issues.

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Nova Rockafeller’s Career

Everybody Hates Me, Politically Incorrect, and Whiteboy were the first three singles by Tom MacDonald that brought him mainstream recognition. Today marks the debut of MacDonald’s album, “If I was Black.”

Two tracks by MacDonald that were massive hits were released in March 2020: “I Don’t Care” and “Coronavirus.” McDonald’s offers custom-made hoodies, t-shirts, and other accessories like prints and stickers.

He participates in numerous tours and concerts related to his music, which brings him a lot of money. Since the beginning of his music career, MacDonald has been candid with his listeners and likes to maintain it that way.

His songs frequently address societal problems and the values he upholds. The most recent singles from Tom include “Fake Woke,” “Dear Slim,” which featured a beat created by none other than Eminem, and “Clown World.”


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Given that Eminem is one of MacDonald’s main musical influences and that he paid Eminem $100,000 for the beat, working with the artist and using his moment must have been a massive thing for MacDonald.

Over 2.2 million people subscribe to MacDonald on YouTube, and the video has received over 520 million views.

Nova Rockafeller’s Personal Life

In 2017, Rockefeller started a relationship with Canadian artist Tom MacDonald. They came up with the name GFBF for their band and started writing music together.

When Macdonald got renowned as a result of penning “Dear Rappers,” Rockafeller threw herself into supporting him in every way she could.

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She was responsible for filming and directing all his music videos released after 2017. She designed his website, co-wrote hooks, and assisted him in avoiding the pitfalls she had experienced while working in the music industry.

Nova Rockafeller’s Influences

Rockafeller cites influential artists such as Good Charlotte, Blink 182, The Fugees, Tribe Called Quest, Damien Marley, Weezer, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Die Antwoord, Meg Myers, Swollen Members, Three 6 Mafia, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber. Additionally, Rockafeller mentions Bright Eyes and Nirvana.

Nova Rockafeller's Net Worth 2022

Nova Rockafeller’s Highlights

Here are some of Tom MacDonald’s career highlights:

  • Everybody Hates Me (Song, 2018)
  • Death threats (Album, 2018)
  • Cloned Rappers (Song, 2019)
  • People So Stupid (Song, 2020)
  • I Don’t Drink (Song, 2020)
  • Coronavirus (Song, 2020)
  • Fake Woke (Song, 2021)
  • Dear Slim (Song, 2021)
  • Clown World (Song, 2021)


As of the current year, Tom MacDonald is widely considered to be one of the most controversial rappers in the hip-hop business.

Those familiar with his work know that he is not simply a visionary hip-hop musician; he is so much more than that.

As of August 2022, Tom MacDonald’s net worth was approximately $100,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Nova Rockafeller a Male From Birth?

Nova Leigh Paholek (born July 22, 1988), better known as Nova Rockafeller, is a Canadian independent rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director.

What Happened to Nova Rockafeller?

In essence, Nova’s cold and asthma prompted a fitful cough that ruptured parts of her left and right lungs. As a result, air from her lungs escaped into her chest cavity and began to collect between the skin on her neck and her windpipe (compressing her airways and causing breathing problems).

Does Nova Rockafeller Still employ Tom Macdonald?

His girlfriend is the Canadian artist Nova Rockafeller. She and Tom started dating in 2009, and as of this writing, no unfavorable information about them has been reported to the public.

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