Kye Kelley’s Net Worth 2022: Is He Dating a New Girl, Lizzy Musi?


Kye Kelley is a professional race car driver, a well-known cast member of Street Outlaws, and a Discovery Channel shows exploring the world of street racing in Oklahoma City.

Kye Kelley Racing is also owned and operated by the street racer. Furthermore, Kyle Kelley is currently dating fellow racer Lizzy Musi.

Kye Kelley’s Net Worth 2022

Kye has amassed considerable wealth due to his successful career as a drag racer and his participation in the reality series Street Outlaws on Discovery.

In addition, he is the proprietor of Dawn South Performance, a performance store located in McComb, Mississippi. This provides him with a respectable income.

How much money Kye Kelley has amassed in his career is unknown. It is anticipated that Kye Kelley will have a bigger than $150,000 net worth.

Kye Kelley’s Early LifeKelley’sley was born on May 18, 1985, to Tammy and Kylie Kelley in Magnolia, Mississippi, in the United States. His passion for cars began early because he was raised on a family farm near Magnolia.

Kye Kelley's Net Worth 2022

He worked as a bagger, milked cows on a farm, and went to South Pike Senior High School. Due to financial constraints, he could not fulfill his passion for motor racing and was thus prevented from completing his education.

Kye’s childhood wasKye’ss idyllic awasn’tmight want; his father wasn’t around much wasn’t was young since he spent most of his time away from home abusing drugs and alcohol. The family’s primary family’s mother was awake and functional. Lacy Howell is his sister, and little is known about her.

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Kye Kelley’s Career

KyeKelley’sshed his auto repair shop, Down South Performance, in McComb, Mississippi, before entering the racing industry. The racer subsequently launched his career by triumphing in his opening contest, allowing him to establish ° r34th successfully.

Big Chief met Kye for the first time during the drag racing event. Big Chief noticed the racer since he quickly acquired fame in the neighborhood. Kye was dubbed “the fastest man ar”und” right away.

Despite”e losing in the first match, Kye prevailed in the second round. Due to his fame and success, Kye was given a role in the television series “Street Outlaws,” w” ich allowed Okl”home City street racers, to compete for the title.

The racer had the opportunity to compete against Mike Murillo, who had won the world championship 14 times. The gathering occurred at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, located close to Lexington.

Although Kye crossed the finish line first in the race, his victory was disqualified because he left the starting line before the signal was given.

Kye Kelley’s Net Worth Kelley’s Kelley The Shocker

The Shocker, Kye’s enormous engiKye’ss well known. Let’s examine Kye’sLet’sess for tKye’sg a 1992 Chevy into a racing beat.

Kye acquired The Shocker, a modified 1992 Chevy Camaro he purchased in 2012 with improved engines, two nitrous kits, and other performance-enhancing modifications.

Kye Kelley significantly improved every aspect of the 1992 automobile, including its basic design and power. With little money, Kelley might work longer hours at the oil refinery to pay for the car’s entire cost.

Car’s result, he upgraded the 1992 car’s outdated motocar’sa 638ci BBC motor that was incredibly powerful and boasted two nitrous kits. Kelley asked Jackson’s PerformanJackson’se Shop for more enhancements.

The shop fired it up using a pair of Gary Williams carburetors, a set of Waseca pistons, and fifteen-year-old Crower rods. Then, to improve the engine’s efficiencyengine’strous, kits utilized in the automobile have a three-stage technology.

Mid”y through 20″4, he was supposed to compete in a race against OKC’s Daddy Dave. OKC’s dropped out but still rose to fame. His ability to drive on the track is completed by Kelley’s vehicle, “Kelley’sker.”

He again contacted Daddy Dave of OKC in a “16-car Cash Days r”ce” held in Texas in “015. This time, he was successful. At Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Lexington, Oklahoma, where he competed against 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo, he took home the victory in 2015.

Kye’s victory was rKye’sd since it was determined that he had left the starting line before the other competitors. Among the significant deal drivers, Kye has faced and beaten are Big Chief, Doc, and Bobby “Hollywood.”

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Kye Kelley’s Personal LKelley’sKelley was married to Alisa Tote from 2015 to 2017, and before their divorce, they had a daughter named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. He met her on the day he purchased his car, “The Schoker.”

They”had been eng”ged since 2014 and decided to marry in August 2015. On March 25, 2016, his ex-wife, Alisa, gave birth to their daughter, Kneading Alexa Kelley. Although they appeared to be happily married couples, their marriage was short-lived, and the reason for their divorce was unknown.

Kye Kelley’s Net Worth 2022: Is He Dating a New Girl, Lizzy Musi?

Kye began dating Lizzy Musi shortly after his divorce from Alisa Mote. Lizzy, like Kye, competes in drag races professionally. The couple announced their relationship in April 2017.

Kye Kelley's Net Worth 2022

Kye Kelley’s girlfriend, Kelley’scrashed Kye’s car due to a tKye’sbrake malfunction in June 2018. Lizzy was unharmed, but The Shocker was destroyed.

Kye Kelleys’ Car AccidenKelleys’ing to rumors, Kye Kelley was involved in a car accident on Saturday, March 19, 2022. However, no official confirmations have been received thus far.

Sim ABCXYZ, a YouTube channel, posted a video about Kye’s accident in JaKye’s this year. The YouTuber did, however, mention that Kye was a passenger at the time of the accident.

Kye was allegedly filming for the second season of Street Outlaws at the time of the tragedy. However, no confirmations of the incident have been made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Street Outlaws’ Lizzy Musi Wed?

Surprisingly, Lizzy Musi is dating professional car racer Kye Kelley of the Street Outlaws. He previously married Alisa Mote and had a daughter named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley with her.

Kye Kelly Races What Kind of Car?

With his Camaro Promod, Shocker, Kye Kelley has been crowned the nation’s quickest stationer. Kye was born and raised in Mississippi, and he started racing even before he obtained his driver’s license.

Whdriver’sStreet Outlaws Earn Per Episode?

The pay for each show will most likely vary depending on how popular it is. Each Street Outlaws cast member is expected to earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per episode. According to reports, Pilgrim Studios pays Big Chief $20,000 per episode that airs.

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