Best Films For Teenage Girls (13-18)


Being a teenager can be an awkward age, and as a parent, you may realise that your child is at an awkward age. As well as them experiencing many huge life changes, you may also ask the question: what is appropriate for them to watch, and what is inappropriate? As a teen ranges from 13 to 18, the older they get, the more you may realise that it is acceptable for them to be exposed to explicit and more mature content, shall we say. Thankfully, we have arranged a list of some of the best films for teenage girls, including how age-appropriate they are.

Five Feet Apart (13-18)

If your teen has read The Fault in Our Stars, or even watched the blockbuster film, be sure to let them check out the modernised version, Five Feet Apart featuring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson. Teen’s Stella and Will both suffer from the detrimental disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and meet at the hospital they are both being treated within.

However, as Stella sticks to a strict routine to maintain her disease, Will does the complete opposite, but will the power of love withstand their fatal medical condition? Five Feet Apart is perfect for any 13 to 18-year-old as it allows youngsters to understand that life for others is not always as easy as theirs, making them develop a greater value for their health. Warning: they may need a large box of tissues while watching!

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (15-18)

This film certainly is the perfect coming-of-age movie and one of the best films for teenage girls, and those teens from Britain will definitely be able to relate to the British high school dynamic within. Georgia and her friends live a typical high school life, boy dramas, friend dramas, enemy dramas, you name it.

However, it is also very reassuring for teenage girls and rectifies that it is not everything to be popular and pretty and that there is far more to adolescent life. The main message we take from this hit is to always be yourself and surround yourself with great people. Then, you will always find happiness.

Mean Girls (15-18)

We cannot forget about the most iconic chick flick to date, Mean Girls. Centering around the typical American high school setting, Mean Girls covers every dynamic of high school life for a teenage girl and the scenes are so relatable! This means that it is perfect for any high school teenage girl from, we would say, 14 to watch, as they can laugh at how much they relate to some of the characters. Not to mention, the quotes within this film will certainly go down in history (“You go Glen Coco!”).

The stars of the film, including Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, and many others truly have made this film the masterpiece it has turned out to be. To make the viewing even better, be sure to watch this hit on the big screen. Click here for TV wall mounting services.

She’s the Man (13-18)

Mixing sports with romance, She’s the Man has got to be one of the most comical chick flicks of the 21st century, so if your teen loves a good rom-com, this is certainly the go-to. Starring young Amanda Bynes (Viola) and Channing Tatum (Duke), their performance cannot be faulted.

When Viola’s soccer team is cancelled, she comes up with a creative plan to transform into her brother and join the boys’ team at the new school he will not be attending. But when she lands herself as the roommate of an attractive boy (Duke), how hard will it be to keep up the act? This film truly highlights the importance of pursuing your passions no matter what the obstacles may be. Oh, but we wouldn’t advise taking all of Viola’s advice that’s for sure!

The Parent Trap (13-18)

We may as well call this film the, umm, Lindsay Lohan movie! Lohan portrays the role of two twins, Annie and Hallie who meet at a summer camp and soon realise that, yes, they are in fact twins! Acting as mischievous as young girls normally act, they switch identities with one returning home to California, and the other to London.

On a mission to reconnect their parents they must keep up the act, but how easy will that be for the girls? We can’t deny that Lindsay Lohan smashes every movie she has been featured in, therefore that’s another reason to add this feel-good film to the list of the best films for teenage girls.

Grease (15-18)

Let your daughter take a trip back to the 1970s era to see how life was lived back then and press play on Grease. They may get a complete shock at the fashion styles back then but there is no doubt about it, Grease is still a hit! When Sandy and Danny, two teenagers, first meet in the summer, they get ready to say goodbye to their summer romance as Sandy leaves the US to return to Australia.

However, a change in plans could alter everything! Sandy enrols unexpectedly at Danny’s high school and learns that he most definitely isn’t the same person that she met over the summer. Will their love be able to endure the involvement of the “Pink Ladies” and the “T-Birds,” given their disparate personalities and backgrounds, or will love ultimately succeed? Also, when Halloween approaches, don’t be surprised when your daughter wants to dress up as Sandy or a Pink Lady!

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