Adele is “Extremely Proud” That She Postponed Her Debut Residency in Las Vegas!

Adele is the person who best understands how to put into words the exhilarating feeling that comes from experiencing both love and sorrow.

She has waxed poetic about divorce, getting sober, and parenting her son throughout the course of her career. These experiences are a bittersweet tapestry of difficult choices, dark moments, and final development and knowledge.

Adele is "Extremely Proud" That She Postponed Her Debut Residency in Las Vegas!

Now, after canceling a Las Vegas residency at the very last minute in January, Adele has shifted her attention to thinking on that decision, which she says was as “brutal” as they come but also one of which she is “quite proud.”

In a new interview with Elle, she explains that “it was the worst period in my career, by a long shot.” “By far. My anticipation for the shows was through the roof. It had a catastrophic effect.

The impact of the decision itself was just as agonizing as the decision itself; Adele states that she “went into hiding” from the media and, immobilized with guilt, she suspended all advertising for her critically acclaimed newest album 30, which was released earlier this year.

She described the first couple of months as being “very, extremely challenging.” “I was ashamed of myself. However, because it required a great deal of bravery on my part, I came away from the experience with a greater sense of self-assurance.

And I seriously doubt that a lot of other people would have acted the way I did. I have a lot of pride in myself for being able to support my artistic requirements.

Adele’s certainty that she made the right call stems, in part, from a high bar for authenticity in her work.

This is something that her longtime tour manager Jonathan Dickson speaks to, sharing the following: “For her to go out and perform a show she’s not happy with would be a lie to the fans.” Regardless of how difficult the decision was for Adele, she is certain that she made the right call.

Adele remembers thinking that the atmosphere and set-up of the concert just didn’t do enough to convey what she wanted to convey to the audience. She explains that “there was just no soul in it.” “The stage configuration wasn’t correct.

Intimacy was not present, and there was a significant lack of connection between both me and my band. And it’s possible that I overdid it in terms of my efforts to provide those things inside such a regimented setting.

Since the performances were canceled, Adele has rescheduled them to take place at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum beginning in November 2022 and continuing through March 2023.

She states that the new series would follow her career from its early beginnings when she was a teenager all the way up to the present day and will promote the close, personal environment that she has been looking for.

Adele is "Extremely Proud" That She Postponed Her Debut Residency in Las Vegas!

“I’m not going to tell too much about it, but the show grows,” she says. “I’m not going to give too much about it.” “The show is getting bigger. The music is the focal point, and there is a strong sense of nostalgia throughout. It’s going to turn out extraordinarily lovely.”

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How Much Money Has Adele Earned Over Her Career? What is Her Net Worth?

Adele is a British singer and songwriter who has achieved unprecedented levels of fame and success.

Approximately the course of a decade, from 2009 to 2019, Adele made over $430 million, the majority of which came from the sale of records and income from concert engagements. At the time that this article was written, Adele’s net worth was estimated to be $220 million.

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