Dragon Ball Super Season 2: When Will Season 2 Be Available?


The 131st episode, which marked the end of the Universal Survival arc, may have marked the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime series back in March 2018.

Two entirely new arcs of Akira Toriyama’s current manga series have already been published, continuing the anime tale. Fans are speculating about the resumption of the anime series after Toei Animation recently revealed that a new Dragon Ball Super movie is in the works.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Rumors and Prospects

When asked about the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2, Toei Animator Florence Jay Dominguito stated that he is looking forward to the possibility of a release shortly. He has been working with Toei Philippines since 2011 and has featured on the Dragon Ball official website.

A clip of Akio Iyoku’s interview was released in a video on January 3, 2022. Though the focus of Iyoku’s discussion was the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which is set to be released on April 22, 2022, he appeared to have dropped a teaser for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. He is regarded as Akira Toriyama’s right-hand man.

As fans, we believe Iyoku is teasing Dragon Ball Super Season 2. The new work cannot be another film because the franchise already has one this year. It also can’t be a new one because a new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga was announced separately.

Toei Animation has unexpectedly announced its new project, a new Dragon Ball Super film in the works. Earlier reports speculated on the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 in late 2021.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Fans are disappointed, and it is clear that Toei Animation’s roadmap does not include adapting the manga, at least not in the coming months until the film is released. The tension is palpable!

Meanwhile, check out the Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie trailer, which was released a few months ago!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: When Will Season 2 Be Available?

For the time being, Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is not entertaining. Fans can expect the upcoming season to follow the manga after the new arc was introduced in the most recent chapters.

Dragon Ball Super dubbed episodes ended in October or November of 2019. Fans won’t have to wait long for the next installment if that’s the case. Furthermore, Toei Animation and Funimation prefer that the episodes in both languages air concurrently.

As a result, we predicted that the next season would premiere in early 2020. This, however, did not occur. Toei Animation had yet to renew Dragon Ball Super for Season 2 in December 2021.

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The Cast of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

As of now, the following members of the Dragon Ball Super Season 1 cast will reprise their roles in the upcoming season:

  • Masako Nozawa/ Sean Schemmel as Goku
  • Masako Nozawa/Kyle Hebert Gohan
  • Mayumi Tanaka/Sonny Strait as Krillin
  • Takeshi Kusao/Alexis Tipton as Trunks
  • Aya Hisakawa/Monica Rial as Bulma
  • Toshio Furukawa/Christopher Sabat Piccolo
  • Masaharu Satô/Mike McFarland Master Roshi

How Popular is Dragon Ball Super?

With millions of fans worldwide, Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known anime series, and Dragon Ball Super is no exception. That is most likely one of the driving forces for Toei Animation’s decision to produce new Dragon Ball television shows, films, and video games.

Furthermore, it’s highly possible that Toei Animation’s upcoming production, “Dragon Ball Super Season 2,” will outperform Dragon Ball Super Broly in every way.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Do They Contain Spoilers?

Of course! According to the manga, the upcoming season ushers in a new era of Dragon Ball, introducing yet another vicious villain. The new arc begins with a scene in which Universe 7 trains fighters to become more robust and powerful.

In the following episode, Goku and his friends meet with a Galactic Patrol agent who tells them about Moro, the Planet-eater. A villain entered space ten million years ago, destroying planets and turning them into dead stars to absorb their life energy.

Supreme Kai exchanges the majority of his godly power and succeeds in sealing Moro’s magic after absorbing the energy of 320 planets. Fans believe Moro still had a significant amount of fighting ability.

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On the other hand, Moro was sentenced to life in prison after being handed over to the galactic patrol. However, it appears that he has escaped, and Galactic Patrol is looking for him. After hearing Moro’s story, Goku becomes eager to meet him in person.

They both join the Galactic Patrol in their search for escaped Moro. After a few adventures, they finally receive a transmission stating that Moro’s location has been detected. Goku tries to catch him, but who can match Moro’s intelligence? Moro learned about Goku and Vegeta before they could find him.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Ball Super Returning?

According to the report, new episodes of the show will begin airing in 2023. I can confirm that 1. Weekly Dragon Ball episodes following the “Universe Survival Arc” are in the works. Anime will return in 2023.

Is Vegeta Stronger Than Goku?

In terms of strength, Goku was unquestionably stronger than Vegeta by a more significant margin. They had evolved from their initial forms to Super Saiyan 2 by the end of the series. Goku is more powerful than Vegeta since Vegeta never achieved Super Saiyan 3 status outside of video games, unlike Goku.

What Happens at the End of Dragon Ball Z?

A Goku who hasn’t been seen in five years appeared at the most recent World Tournament at the end of Dragon Ball Z. After defeating Majin Buu’s reincarnation, Uub, he departs to instruct him. But at that period, new characters like Gohan and Pan, Videl’s daughter, were presented to the audience.

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