Timmy Trumpet Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Three Inspiring Lessons of Timmy Trumpet!


Timmy Trumpet is a musician, DJ, composer, and record producer who is originally from Australia. Because of his live performances on the trumpet and his incorporation of jazz elements with worldwide dance music, he has garnered an international reputation.

As part of a project that was a collaboration between the European Space Agency and BigCityBeats, Trumpet became the first trumpet player to ever perform in zero gravity in the year 2019.


Age: 40
Born: June 9, 1982
Gender: Male
Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Country of Origin: Australia
Source of Wealth: DJ

Early Life

Timothy Jude Smith came into the world on June 9th, 1982 in the city of Sydney, in the country of Australia.

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth

Timothy’s father instructed him to play the trumpet when he was a little child and he quickly became proficient.

Timothy was honored as the “Young Musician of the Year” when he was just thirteen years old, and he subsequently received a full scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music. Anthony Heinrich, a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, served as his instructor.


Timmy Trumpet is known for producing energetic and progressive house music, in which his trumpet playing is frequently featured as an accent.

He started learning how to play the trumpet when he was four years old and first attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he was given instruction in the classical style.

However, after getting expelled for playing a practical joke, he decided to enroll in a public high school, which is where he began to develop an interest in jazz music.

Although his skill on the trumpet suggested he would have a successful performance career, in the end, it was dance music more than jazz that captured his imagination.

In 2001, he began mixing his skills as a DJ and trumpeter, presenting himself as “Timmy Trumpet,” and creating a sound that captured the attention of crowds in electronic dance music hot spots such as Ibiza and London.

The trumpet has created tunes for record labels such as PACHA, Ministry of Sound, and One Love, and he has performed with other electronic bands with a sound that is analogous to his own, such as the Stafford Brothers, Swedish House Mafia, and Armin Van Buuren, amongst others.

On the Aria Club Chart, he has landed multiple tracks in the Top Ten, including his song “Horny,” which he recorded in cooperation with DJ Tenzin in 2011 and which reached number five.

His song “Freaks,” which featured the rap artist Savage, debuted at number one in New Zealand in 2014 and went on to achieve quadruple platinum status the following year.

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Net Worth

Timmy Trumpet is an Australian musician, DJ, composer, and record producer. He is also known as Timmy Trumpet.

He has established a strong reputation all around the world thanks to his ability to play the trumpet live and to combine jazz components with music from around the world.

As a result of a partnership between the European Space Agency and BigCityBeats, a trumpet player named trumpet was able to make history in 2019 by being the first trumpet artist to perform in zero gravity.

It is anticipated that Timmy Trumpet will have a net worth of $4 million in the year 2022.

Month Earnings
January 2022 $9.2K -$11.4K
February 2022 $10.6K -$13.1K
March 2022 $14.6K -$18K
April 2022 $22.6K -$27.8K
May 2022 $13.7K -$17K
June 2022 $18K -$22.2K
July 2022 $15.5K -$19.1K

Favorite Quotes of Timmy Trumpet

“I had a few releases make a few ripples early on, but the track that sent me overseas was Freaks. I didn’t expect that track to hit as hard as it did, and it just won’t go away. It just went gold in the US, four years after its original release!” – Timmy Trumpet 

“I don’t always have a solid idea of what I want when I get into the studio. Sometimes I’ve just got a sound or a hook in mind. Other times I play around until something sick bubbles up. I’ve had tracks done in an afternoon and other tracks I’ve tinkered with for years.” – Timmy Trumpet 

“It was the first time I’ve been nervous on stage in a long time! I was trying to concentrate on the set, but in the back of my mind, I knew what I was going to do, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. You can hear my voice shaky on the mic. It was hard to keep it together. I’m glad she said yes! That would have been awkward.” – Timmy Trumpet 

“All my energy! Tomorrowland has always been one of my biggest and most-watched performances of the year, and I hope this year will be no different. I’ll give it everything, and the set I have prepared is full of music of all genres with tributes to the old and the new. I can’t f*kn wait!!” – Timmy Trumpet 

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth

“I have a lot of collaborations coming out. The next collab is with The Vengaboys on a rework of their hit ‘Up and Down.’ It’s such a fun record, and I love playing it. It just gets everyone in a great mood and we need a lot of that in our lives right now.” – Timmy Trumpet 

Three Inspiring Lessons of Timmy Trumpet

Now that you know how much money Timmy Trumpet has and how he got there, let’s look at a few things we can learn from him:

1. No Favors

When they do someone a favor, some people are always looking for a way to get their money back. Some aren’t, but they still know about it and think of it as debt.

2. No Excuses

We tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time the most. No excuses!

3. Shine

It’s your time to shine, so go out and take this moment for yourself.


What’s Timmy Trumpet’s Age?

Timmy Trumpet was born on June 9, 1982, which makes him 40 years old right now.

What is Timmy Trumpet’s Height?

Timmy Trumpet is 1.72 m tall, which is 5 feet 8 inches.


Timmy Trumpet is a musician, producer, and main room house DJ from Sydney. He has backed up Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Fedde le Grand, and Dizzee Rascal and played with them.

He went from being a well-known jazz musician on the international stage to making music that people dance to all over the world.

Timmy Trumpet’s net worth is thought to be about $4 Million as of August 2022.

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