Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza to Reunite for the Independent Film “Spin Me Round”!


Following working together on the independent films The Little Hours, Horse Girl, and Joshy, Jeff Baena and Alison Brie are teaming up once again, this time as co-writers for the second time (after their work on Horse Girl).

Spin Me Round is about a woman who wins a trip to Italy with all of her expenses paid through the Italian restaurant where she works.

This sets the stage for an adventure after she meets the wealthy owner of the restaurant chain. Baena not only stars in the film but also directs and produces it. Brie stars in the film as well as produces it.

Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza to Reunite for the Independent Film "Spin Me Round"!

“After we made our film Horse Girl together, Jeff came to me and said, ‘I read an article about an exemplary managers program that is run out of an Italian chain restaurant in the States,’ and the article sort of outlined how lackluster that program was; how there were big promises of full immersion in Italian culture but actually it was just like a lot of American managers from restaurants hanging out,” Brie told The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

“The article sort of outlined how lacking that program was We just thought that idea was hilarious for some reason. I was able to come in and really get into the characters with him since he had sort of worked out the big plot points already.

Brie joked that they are building a “Baena-verse” and explained why she works so well with Baena and Plaza, who are married. Aubrey Plaza, Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, and Debby Ryan all co-star in the movie, and they have all worked with Baena and Brie on their prior films.

“The three of us love film, we love filmmaking, and we love independent film, so it’s really fun to work with them because they’re so unique in the way that they think about film and storytelling,” she said.

“It’s really fun to work with them because it’s really fun to work with them because they’re so unique in the way that they think about film and storytelling “It’s just extremely rewarding to work on something where the sky’s the limit and you can follow your creativity wherever it goes,” said one person. “It’s just really satisfying.”

Plaza stated that she decided to take on a less significant role in this project because she was simultaneously working on her upcoming film Emily the Criminal.

Instead, she opted to become “the cast cheerleader,” which involved her organizing all of the social activities and driving people around Tuscany.

And how did those interactions with others actually play out? “Just dinners, for the most part. Drinking and eating leisurely over extended meals is a national pastime in Italy.

Plaza also praised the opportunity to work with numerous of their longtime comedic friends on the film, stating that Baena “has a shorthand with all of these performers, so I think it just makes the process more fun.” Plaza and Baena reconnected while working on the film.

It’s a rough life when you’re making movies; it’s much harder when you’re shooting smaller pictures, so it’s nice to have the sense that everyone involved is a buddy and that we’re all part of the same family. It simply adds to the overall depth and breadth of the experience.

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Dave Franco Explains Why His Marriage Proposal to Alison Brie Was More Perplexing Than Romantic

Before their fifth wedding anniversary, Dave Franco reflected on his proposal to Alison Brie and why it was not the huge romantic gesture he had envisioned.

During his appearance on Wednesday’s edition of The Late Late Show, the actor recalled his unsuccessful proposal plan. The couple met for the first time in 2011 during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, where Brie wore a silver mask the whole weekend they spent together.

Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza to Reunite for the Independent Film "Spin Me Round"!

Franco added, “When I attempted to take it from her, she would not allow it. It was a humorous back-and-forth.” At the conclusion of the journey, she left him the mask along with a message, which he kept. And eventually, Franco believed that including the mask in his proposal would be a nice touch.

In August 2015, while on vacation in Big Sur, California, the Neighbors actor reportedly decided to finally propose marriage. He was aware that Brie desired to select her own engagement ring, so he purchased a $10 “placeholder ring” from a vintage store.

Franco recalled, “Therefore, we traveled to Big Sur, where we were on the back patio and she was watching the ocean.” “As she turns around, I am on one knee, wearing a mask, and clutching a ring.

Due to the passage of five years, she was unable to identify the mask. She had no idea what it was.” He proceeded “What she sees is me wearing this bizarre, stupid mask and clutching this shoddy stone ring in my hand.”

Thus, the entirety of her proposition consists of her asking, “What is happening right now?” And I’m attempting to describe how nice it is that I’ve retained the mask for five years.”

The couple wed in a private ceremony in March 2017 and have been together ever since, despite the fact that their engagement went awry.

In November of that year, Brie told People, “Something about getting married has made me feel so comfortable, almost liberated as opposed to trapped. It’s fantastic. Let’s now do anything we choose. Upward and onward!”

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