Behzinga’s Net Worth 2022: Precisely What Are Behzinga’s Health Concerns?


Benzinga, also known as Ethan Leigh Payne, is a YouTuber, streamer, and online personality from England. He is a co-founder and member of the British YouTube channel Sidemen, where he creates videos about gaming, football, comedy, and fitness.

He co-founded Sides, a restaurant chain, and XIX Vodka with other Sidemen. Payne was named the 31st most influential online creator in the UK by the Sunday Times in 2019. As of September 2021, his primary YouTube channel had over 4 million subscribers and 500 million video views.

Behzinga’s Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Behzinga’s estimated net worth is around $5 million. His YouTube channels, brand endorsements, commercials, collaborations, and other social media platforms all contribute to his income. He is a member of The Sideman, one of YouTube’s most popular groups.

According to a September 2021 report, his channel had more than 500 million views, far surpassing that figure. He is one of the most influential people in the United Kingdom, and his work has won him millions of fans.

He also makes money as a Sideman member because the group began selling their merchandise, earning them millions. Behzinga rose to prominence in the music industry as a singer after releasing two singles, “Drama” and “Finished.”

Behzinga’s Early Life and Education

Ethan Leigh Payne was born on June 20, 1995, in London. He was raised by his mother, Ruth, who was battling cancer for most of his childhood in London, where he also spent most of his youth.

Behzinga's Net Worth 2022

When he was thirteen, his stepfather, whom he had known since he was six months old and believed to be his biological father, left the family due to drug addiction and financial difficulties.

Before he was even born, his biological father had abandoned the family. Payne received his elementary education at Marshalls Park School before beginning his studies in video game development at South Essex College.

Behzinga’s Career

Payne created the “Behzinga” YouTube channel on February 24, 2012, while still in high school. He explained that the name was inspired by one of his favorite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory, in which Sheldon Cooper frequently uses the catchphrase “Bazinga!”.

Payne changed the spelling. His early content primarily consisted of video game commentary for the Call of Duty and FIFA franchises. His content style evolved to include football, comedy, and fitness videos.

Payne and four other British YouTubers formed the entertainment collective Ultimate Sidemen on October 19, 2013, which was shortened to Sidemen. The group creates online videos, most of which feature challenges, sketches, and video-game commentary, and sells exclusive Sidemen merchandise.

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Vikram Barn, Joshua Bradley, Tobi Brown, Harry Lewis, Simon Minter (Miniminter), JJ Olatunji, and Payne have been members of the group since 2014.

The Sunday Times named Payne the 31st most influential online creator in the United Kingdom in September 2019. That November, he provided commentary for Sky Sports Box Office’s KSI vs. Logan Paul II match.

In October 2020, he starred in the three-part YouTube Originals documentary series How to Be Behzinga, which chronicled his battle with depression and his journey to run the London Marathon to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He revealed that he had previously struggled with alcoholism and had considered suicide, but that with the help of his fellow Sidemen members, he could overcome his difficulties. He also lost 36 kilograms between the years 2018 and 2019.

He has become a mental health advocate, speaking about the importance of sharing feelings and breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness in men.


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Behzinga’s Personal Life

In 2016, Ethan started a romantic relationship with the blogger Emily Geere. A fellow social media influencer named Faith Kelly helped the couple fall in love, and they just recently announced that they would have their first child together.

Ethan will be the first member of the Sidemen to start a family. Ultimately, he will have the opportunity to become the kind of parent he has always pictured himself being to his children.

Precisely What Are Behzinga’s Health Concerns?

At the time, he was the most prominent member of the Sidemen. He led an unhealthy lifestyle, and he was frequently the subject of ridicule. He drank alcohol regularly and was unhappy with how his life turned out.

In 2018, he finally hit rock bottom after reaching his limit and suffering from severe depression. That same year, Ethan’s life would start to undergo some significant shifts beginning in that same year.

It all started with KSI competing against another internet celebrity, Logan Paul, in a series of boxing matches. In the time leading up to that fight, Ethan was highly impressed by how willing KSI was to beat him up and how determined he was to do the same.

Behzinga's Net Worth 2022

The Physical Evolution of Behzinga

Following the initial match between JJ and Logan Paul, Ethan approached one of KSI’s trainers and requested assistance. Ethan lost nearly 60 pounds by avoiding processed junk food and drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.

Ethan’s remarkable physical transformation established him as a YouTube motivational exercise and fitness expert. He also started exercising for at least 20 minutes every day. By the end of the experience, the Teenage Cancer Trust had paid for him to run the London Marathon.

On the other hand, Ethan has one of the most incredible stories in the group. He has been able to fight back despite adversity. It also improved his love life significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ethan’s Father Abandon Him?

Ethan had a stepfather when he was younger but left when he was 13 due to drug addiction and debt. Ethan mistook his stepfather for his biological father until he discovered his parents’ divorce papers.

Has Ethan Payne Found Love?

Behzinga’s Ethan Payne and his girlfriend Faith Louisak have announced on social media that they expect their first child together, and fans are thrilled. Ethan Payne, 26, is well-known on social media as a member of the UK content creation group The Sidemen.

Did Behzinga Give Up Sidemen?

On August 6, 2017, he followed this up with a five-minute YouTube video reiterating his choice. He asserted that Behzinga (Ethan) is the main reason he is leaving because he “can’t stand him” as a person.

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