Somos Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Appear in Season 2?

Somos is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on the streaming service this summer, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many subscribers who thoroughly enjoyed the first season are already looking forward to hearing when Somos season 2 will be released.

Customers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch the entire season of the well-made show with an enthralling plot inspired by actual events. The story of the residents of Allende, a border town in Mexico, who a Cartel tragically takes over is expertly told in Somos.

It makes perfect sense that so many viewers would be interested in discovering more about Somos season 2, given how famous this compelling story has been with Netflix subscribers. There is a lot of interest and strong demand for more episodes.

While there isn’t much information available just yet, below, you’ll find all the details fans need to know about the Somos season 2 release date and more.

Somos Season 2 Release Date

Somos Season 2 Release Date

Because Somos is an undeniably fantastic show, its audience members are highly pumped for the first episode of the show’s upcoming season. The premiere of Somos Season 2 might take place on June 28, 2023.

However, we regret to inform you that the network has not yet given its blessing for the production of Somos Season 2. Despite this, they have not decided to end the series.

We believe that the network is currently evaluating the success of the first season of Somos, which premiered just a few days ago on June 30, 2021, and that they will soon renew the show for a second season, also known as season 2 because the first season just recently made its debut.

Who Will Appear in Somos Season 2?

It is necessary to confirm the specifics of the upcoming second season. Even so, it hasn’t been renewed.

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Because of this, we will not be able to determine the cast of the upcoming season until Netflix has finished compiling the cast list and made it available to the public. We also do not know how the plot will develop during the upcoming second season of the show.

There is a remote possibility that none of the returning cast members will appear in the forthcoming season. Everything, in the end, is determined by the path that the show is going to take. This section will be updated as soon as we have more information about the cast.

What Will the Somos Season 2 Storyline Be?

The Mexican people are sick and tired of hearing that they are constantly surrounded by people who deal drugs or are dangerous, unstable, and armed with guns.

On the other hand, the people of Allende were forced to deal with a case of cruel behavior that also led to the deaths of some innocent people.

The cartels continued to fight as they always had, and it didn’t matter where they did the terrible things; they did them everywhere.

Somos Season 2 Release Date

At eight in the morning, the children in this village were still laughing and playing, but because someone was in such a hurry to get to work or a date, that person failed to notice that the children were still laughing and playing.

People have been seen recently tending to cows, doing a substantial amount of laundry, and even providing entertainment at a wedding. They were unaware that the evening would usher in a bloody battle and a gruesome massacre.

And those people, who have never tried drugs in their lives, will either pass away or end up in a hospital because someone else was callous and greedy.

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How Many Episodes Are There in Somos Season 2?

At this time, the official episode count for Somos season 2 is unknown, and it’s possible that it won’t be disclosed until much closer to the date that the season will be released, as is typical in situations like these. Similar to the first chapter, it is likely that the number of entries in the subsequent chapter will be around six.

When Will Somos Season 2 Begin Shooting?

There has been no indication of when the filming of the second season of Somos might get underway. After the announcement of the next set of episodes, that information will be made available to the public.

Somos Season 2 Trailer

As we previously stated, it is unclear whether or not season 2 will air. as a result, the season 2 trailer is not yet available. You can currently watch the season 1 trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Somos Based on a True Story?

The series is based on a 2017 ProPublica report by journalist Ginger Thompson, who gathered dozens of testimonies from witnesses, victims’ relatives, law enforcement officials, and criminals linked to the Zetas, Mexico’s most feared drug cartel at the time.

How True is Somos, Exactly?

“Although Somos. is based on true stories, it is primarily a work of fiction.” We didn’t want the people of Allende to be concerned that we were misremembering or misrepresenting actual people. So we took elements from various stories and developed new characters to act out and expand on them.

Who is Nancy’s Actor in Somos?

Nancy (Jimena Pagaza), Tom (Mario Alberto Quinones), and Armando (Jess Herrera) are high-school football teammates and buddies whose lives are complicated when two of them start dating. With the arrival of Samuel (Ulises Soto), a new kid whose powerful father (Antonio López Torres) has connections to some.

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