Columbus Public Schools: Parents Getting Ready After the Strike Vote


COLUMBUS, OHIO (WCMH) – The parents of students in Columbus City Schools are preparing for what a teacher union strike will mean for their families.

Many people were looking forward to this day and were nervously awaiting the Columbus Education Association’s vote on Sunday.

Parents expressed dissatisfaction with the negotiating process. Knowing there have been 22 bargaining sessions and what will happen next gives them the breathing room to make critical decisions.

Missing a few days of school “might be necessary until this contract is ironed out,” according to Kristin McCormick, a parent of a first-grader in the district.

We’ll see how it goes, but I hope it happens as soon as possible and with as little disruption to students’ learning.

CCS had previously stated that if a strike were called, the school year would begin with remote learning led by substitute teachers.

McCormick stated that he could not spend the entire day in front of a computer. He won’t be able to learn in that environment, and he’s also concerned that he won’t be able to see his usual teacher.

One parent said she would not send her child to school due to the strike. A different district parent, Megan Buscemi, agreed, “Nobody in my family will ever cross an educator’s picket line, ever.”

columbus public schools strike 2022

Violet, Buscemi’s incoming second-grader, will have a typical school year, according to Buscemi. Buscemi contended that when the board and the district use phrases like “This is our last, best, and final offer,” corporate America speaks through them.

That is not how I envision educators who want to put children and other educators first speaking. That’s some tough ball.

Buscemi and McCormick expressed their support for educators and wished for a quick resolution. McCormick stated that finding childcare will be a significant concern for her shortly.

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Because we don’t have family members, friends, or other caregivers in the area, we rely on a daycare center for after-school care, and I’m not sure if they’ll be open during the school day, she explained.

The first day of classes for students is Wednesday, so the board and the union still have time to negotiate. The board announced it would hold a private executive session at 8 p.m. on Monday.

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