Ted Cruz’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have as a Lowyer?


Rafael Edward Cruz has been a lawyer and politician representing Texas in the Senate since 2013. From 2003 to 2008, Cruz served as the Solicitor General of Texas for the Republican Party.

Cruz was elected to the United States Senate in 2012, becoming the state’s first Hispanic-American senator. Cruz has consistently supported conservative economic and social policies in the Senate.

He was crucial in persuading Congress and President Barack Obama to defund the Affordable Care Act during the 2013 partial government shutdown in the United States. In a tight Senate race in 2018, he defeated Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke and was re-elected.

Ted Cruz’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, has a net worth of $4 million. Ted and Heidi Cruz believe the two have a net worth of between $2 and $5 million. In the race for the Senate seat in 2018, Beto O’Rourke came perilously close to unseating Ted Cruz.

Most of their assets are equities, including stocks, mutual funds, and a pension from his previous law firm. They determined that their responsibilities to the company amounted to at least one million dollars.

Ted Cruz’s Early Life and Family

Rafael Cruz and Eleanor Elizabeth (née Darragh) Wilson gave birth to Rafael Edward Cruz at Foothills Medical Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on December 22, 1970. Cruz’s mother was born in Wilmington, Delaware.

Ted Cruz's Net Worth

She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Rice University in the 1950s. Cruz’s father, Rafael, was born and raised in Cuba. Her ancestors are three-quarters Irish and one-quarter Italian.

He was the son of a Canary Islander who fled his homeland as a child. When Rafael Cruz was a teenager in the 1950s, he was assaulted by Fulgencio Batista’s men for criticizing the Batista regime.

In 1957, he left Cuba to attend the University of Texas at Austin, and when his four-year student visa expired, he applied for political asylum in the United States. In 1973, he was granted Canadian citizenship; in 2005, he was granted American citizenship through naturalization.

Ted Cruz’s parents owned a company that processed seismic data for oil drilling and had been in Calgary for three years when he was born. According to Cruz, he is the son of “two mathematicians/computer programmers.”

Cruz’s father relocated to Texas before abandoning the family in 1974. Cruz’s parents reconciled later that year, and the family relocated to Houston. They divorced in 1997.

Cruz began using Ted when he was 13 years old. Cruz’s father’s first marriage produced two older half-sisters, Roxana Lourdes Cruz and Miriam Ceferina Cruz. Miriam died in 2011.

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Ted Cruz’s Education

Cruz attended Houston’s Awty Middle School. Cruz went to Houston’s Second Baptist High School and Faith West Academy in Katy. Cruz took part in a program in Houston that introduced students to Milton Friedman and Frédéric Bastiat.

Cruz then went to Princeton. He won the North American and United States National Debating Championships in 1992. APDA champions in 1992. An Australian team defeated Cruz and Panton in the World Debating Championship in 1995. Speaker of distinction.

Cruz graduated with honors from Princeton in 1992. Cruz is honored at Princeton’s novice debate tournament. Cruz was welcomed at Princeton’s Colonial Club.


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“If angels governed men, external or internal controls on government would be unnecessary,” James Madison’s 51st essay quote from the Federalist Papers inspired his Princeton senior thesis.

They were clipping the Wings of Angels: The History and Theory Behind the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Cruz argued that the last two clauses of the Bill of Rights check an all-powerful state and protect constituents’ rights.

Cruz attended Harvard Law School. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, and the Harvard Latino Law Review.

Cruz was “outstanding” at Harvard Law, according to Dershowitz. Harvard Law School’s John M. Olin Fellow Cruz graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995.

Ted Cruz’s Legal Career

Ted Cruz worked as a law clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals from 1995 to 1996. After that, he joined a renowned law firm as an attorney and worked on cases involving the National Rifle Association, the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, and other high-profile cases.

Cruz returned to practicing law after leaving his position as Solicitor General in 2008. Until 2013, when he was elected to represent Texas as a U.S. Senator, he continued practicing law.

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Ted Cruz’s Personal Life

On May 27, 2001, Cruz married Heidi Nelson; they have two daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Cruz and his wife met while Cruz was working on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in 2000.

Heidi left her position as head of the Southwest Region in Goldman Sachs & Co.’s Investment Management Division in 2016 to support Cruz’s presidential campaign.

“I’m Cuban, Irish, and Italian, and yet I ended up Southern Baptist,” Cruz joked. She previously worked for Condoleezza Rice in the White House and as an investment banker in New York. Cruz lives in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood.

He enjoys wearing cowboy boots, but he did not do so when arguing before the Rehnquist court. Cruz’s net worth was more than $3.1 million in 2018, according to OpenSecrets.

Cruz began self-isolation on March 8, 2020, following contact with a COVID-19 infected person at the ACU’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Ted Cruz's Net Worth

For 14 days, he stayed home in Texas, avoiding contact with colleagues and constituents. Cruz stated that he had been told that his chances of contracting the virus were meager.

Ted Cruz’s Real Estate

Ted and Heidi Cruz in Houston own the property. Their home’s worth is unknown, but a typical home in Houston costs about $300,000.

Despite having a second home as their long-term goal, Heidi Cruz once whined that she and her husband could not afford one. She also lamented putting in 70-hour work weeks at Goldman Sachs to support her husband, children, and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ted Cruz is of What Ethnicity?

Cruz was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, making him the first Hispanic-American senator from Texas.

Is Ted Cruz’s Father Cuban?

Father of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and a Protestant preacher of Cuban and American descent, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz y Daz, was born on March 22, 1939.

Senator Ted Cruz is of What Race?

Rafael Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to a Cuban father and an American mother, Eleanor Darragh. His oil industry parents were in Calgary at the time of his birth.

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