Away Season 2 Release Date: What Might Occur in Season 2?


Shows broadcast on American television have already piqued viewers’ interest. Space dramas, for the most part, stand out in some way. Away, a science fiction thriller starring Hilary Swank, is one of Netflix’s most expensive productions.

Even if each show episode costs $6 million, many people believe it is still a worthwhile investment. The space drama Away, starring Hilary Swank, has been steadily gaining popularity among viewers since its release on Netflix in early September.

The story of the first crewed mission to Mars appears eerily relevant today, especially in light of the recent pandemic, which has left even families feeling isolated and disconnected from others in their community.

Emma, played by Hilary Swank in the film, is the story’s main character. She is in charge of the Mars mission, which will last three years. Unfortunately, Emma will be unable to bring her teenage daughter or sick husband with her when she leaves the show.

Fans Are Excited for Away Season 2

Away differs from other science fiction television dramas in that it is about a family. The second season of Away has fans curious about Emma and her family’s future. The first season concluded with the recognizable characters safely arriving on Mars.

Away Season 2 Release Date

Emma’s husband Matt (Josh Charles) suffered a stroke in the first episode, and by the season’s end, her second-in-command Ram (Ray Panthaki) expresses concern for her. The crew has only been on the journey for a few months, but it has been a long one.

Even though Netflix hasn’t officially approved the crew’s next mission, a second season appears likely. So far, this is all we know about Season 2 of Away.

Is “Away Season 2” Being Renewed?

Unfortunately, Netflix has decided not to renew “Away” for a second season, Variety reported on October 19, 2020. On September 4, 2020, the show debuted on the website. It is ranking among the top ten streamers has risen since then.

The show’s ranking in the top ten is, in our opinion, encouraging. We assumed the show’s popularity would satisfy Netflix to secure a renewal because we know how the streaming behemoth values viewership numbers.

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Unfortunately, this did not occur. Netflix did not respond to Decider’s three reasons for canceling the show. To begin with, it could have been prohibitively expensive. Second, the Covid 19 epidemic’s prolonged production delays may raise the series’ already high production costs.

Finally, Netflix does not own the entire series. “Away” was marketed as a “Netflix Original,” but it was created by NBC Universal, which licensed the rights to Netflix. This implies that NBC Universal will eventually regain control of the series, which may have caused the streamer to go dark.

Who Will Make an Appearance in Away Season 2?

Despite some mishaps along the way, including space blindness, a severe case of mono, and some water-related accidents, all five astronauts return to Earth alive. Emma, Ram, Misha (Mark Ivanir), Dr. Kwesi (Ato Essandoh), and Dr. Lu (Vivian Wu) should all be present if season two is released.

Because there isn’t anywhere for them to go in space, Matt and Emma’s daughter Lex (Talitha Bateman), her adolescent antics, and more of Matt and his ongoing flirtation with Melissa (Monique Gabriela Curnen) may return.

Away Season 2 Release Date

Although it is too early to predict new characters, showrunner Jessica Goldberg told Inverse that she would like to explore the privatized space race in a potential second season, implying that some new characters will be introduced.

She is well aware that the most exciting advances in space flight are being produced in the private sector, and the first season depicts an unprecedented level of international collaboration.

What Might Occur in Away Season 2?

As previously stated, it’s reasonable to assume that the astronauts’ primary goal in Away Season 2 will be to establish a base on Mars, considering such a base ever becomes a reality.

These five astronauts will spend more than a year on the planet before embarking on their lengthy return journey, giving them plenty of time to deal with various interpersonal issues.

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Ram and Emma had a falling out after Ram confessed his feelings for the commander at the end of season one. Panthaki believes that this plot is just getting started. In an interview with NME, he explained, “He’s got this shield, and it takes a huge amount to break that shield away.”

If you break it away, he will give everything to that person. As a result, seeing how everything turns out will be fascinating. Emma’s husband, Matt, is also dealing with Melissa’s unexpected confession of her feelings to him at home. The couple’s long-distance relationship may become even more strained due to these two factors.

Away Season 2 Trailer

There is no official season 2 trailer. So, for now, take pleasure in the season 1 trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Away Still on the Air?

According to EW, the astronaut drama Away, starring the Oscar-winning actress, has been canceled by the streaming giant after one season. The choice was made two months after the show’s September 4 premiere, when critics praised Swank’s lead performance but criticized the family drama as a notable weak point.

How Many Seasons Will There Be of Away?

Netflix has canceled Away after just one season. The announcement came down about six weeks after the show debuted on Netflix, right on the schedule that showrunner Jessica Goldberg told Esquire she expected to receive the news. October 20, 2020

How Realistic is Away?

Away, for all of its drama, is grounded in reality. When something on the ship breaks or stops working, astronauts face a real problem, and the solutions are also real. The team conducted additional research into the realities of space travel using Chris Jones’ article as a starting point.

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