Binh Ho Net Worth 2022: What’s the Interesting Thing About His Personal Life?


Binh Ho is a successful businessman and investment banker. He was born in the United States but raised in Vietnam.

The role he played on the show House of Ho, which aired on HBO Max brought him the most fame. The incredibly rich family of Binh Ho, who resides in Houston, is featured in this reality show.


Full Name Binh Ho
Birthday/Age 1949/72
Birthplace Vietnam
Profession Entrepreneur
Wife Hue Ho

Early Life

In the year 1949, Binh Ho was born in Vietnam. There is not a lot of information available regarding his childhood, his parents, or his education.

Binh Ho Net Worth

Approximately forty-five years ago, he and his wife left behind a war-torn Vietnam in order to start a new life in the United States.

Fredericksburg, Texas, was the first city in the United States that he visited after arriving in the country. The Ho family relocated to the United States with the hope of finding a brighter future here.

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Binh Ho’s Profession and Net Worth

When Binh first started working, he was employed at a Circle K convenience store. There, he was instructed in the English language by a lady who had formerly worked as a professor at Schreiner University.

After some time had passed, he began working at a petrol station owned by Exxon. Both he and his wife were employed in jobs that paid them the minimum wage at the time. They persevered in their labor until they achieved success, despite the fact that they were underpaid for it.

At the moment, Binh and Hue Ho are the proud owners of wealthy real estate development in the state of Texas. The primary focus of the real estate firm’s business is the development of a variety of residential and commercial projects.

In addition to that, Mr. and Mrs. Ho are the proud owners and operators of a prosperous bank. In point of fact, banking and investment have been Binh’s primary focuses throughout his career. On the other hand, they have not offered any specifics regarding their enterprises.

People became familiar with Binh Ho after he made an appearance in the reality series House of Ho, which airs on HBO Max. The debut of the first season of the reality program took place on December 10, 2020.

The drama that unfolds in each episode of the HBO series focuses on the day-to-day lives of the Ho family and includes just the perfect amount of opulent and extravagant depictions of Houston. The format of the reality program is essentially an amalgamation of Crazy Rich Asians with a southern accent. The launch of the second season of House of Ho took place on August 25 on HBO Max.

In the second season, we continue to follow the Ho family as they work through issues related to sobriety, new love, and the tragedy that befell another family. In the pilot episode, the Ho family got together at their oldest daughter Judy’s residence, where she currently resides with her boyfriend, Dr. Nathan Nguyen, to bake handmade pizzas. At the end of the first season of 2020, Judy’s boyfriend made a marriage proposal.

However, in order to obtain a better understanding of each other’s families, the couple decided to call off their engagement for the time being. In February of 2021, a terrible house fire claimed the lives of Nate and his three children.

Even though he was smiling on the outside, he was in excruciating pain on the inside as a result of the situation. The catastrophe is brought up when he begs Binh for his okay to marry Judy, and Binh grants him permission to do so.

Nate and Judy should have a traditional engagement ceremony, according to Binh, who in the end provided his enthusiastic approval of the plan and voiced his opinion on the matter. When compared to the first season, the cast in the second season has a bit more depth thanks to the addition of Andy, Binh’s brother, as well as Tina, his aunt who loves to throw wild parties.

The family dynamics from the first season are still there, such as in the case of Judy, who appears to be somewhat more looking forward to her life with her sweetheart, Nathan, than worrying about the acceptance of Binh. Nathan is the new love interest in her life.

Binh Ho’s Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is predicted that Binh Ho’s personal worth is approximately $200 million. His entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as his management of a prosperous bank and real estate firm, have resulted in him amassing an enormous fortune.

What’s the Interesting Thing About His Personal Life?

Hue Ho, Binh Ho’s wife, is currently 67 years old. They have been married for a long time. They have a daughter named Judy who is 39 years old, a son named Reagan, and their youngest son named Washington.

Binh Ho Net Worth

All three of their children are their joint responsibility. Their oldest child, who they call Judy, is now a divorced attorney with three children of her own. Also, their youngest son, Washing, is married and has two children of his own.

He is a member of the family that will inherit the wealth. Reagan, Ho’s second kid, has, on the other hand, kept a low profile and will not be appearing in the HBO Max show either.


What’s Binh Ho’s Age?

He was born in 1949, which makes him 72 years old.

How is Binh Ho’s Son?

Washington Ho is the name of Binh Ho’s son.

How is Binh Ho’s Wife?

Hue Ho is the name of Binh Ho’s wife.

What Does Binh Ho Do for a Living?

Binh Ho works as an investment banker and business owner for a living.

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