House of the Dragon Reveals Its Beginning Sequence!


After airing its pilot episode sans the customary opening credits, the producers of House of the Dragon have now shown the entirety of the show’s opening sequence. It features a piece of recognizable music, which long-time viewers will be pleased to hear again.

House of the Dragon Reveals Its Beginning Sequence!

ET was informed by House of the Dragon co-creators Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochni that they made the “artistic option” to skip the opening scene in the pilot episode of the show so that they could “get on with telling the story.” As a result, the first episode of the series served as the series’s “cold open.”

However, the second episode of the Game of Thrones prequel is the one that finally presents an opening sequence. This sequence blends the nostalgic theme song from the original series with a new take on the images from the original series.

The iconic theme from Game of Thrones, composed by returning musician Ramin Djawadi, is heard playing over the opening titles of House of the Dragon, which welcomes viewers with a visual style that is visually similar to the one used in the original program but is far darker.

This time around, the emphasis is placed squarely on heavy foreshadowing: a trail of blood makes its way through Valyria, eventually splintering in various directions as it encounters various sigils, each of which alludes to an important moment in the illustrious and long-winded history of the Targaryen bloodline.

Reactions on Twitter and elsewhere have been mixed, with plenty of users liking it for its nostalgic vibe and plenty of others wondering why House of the Dragon didn’t go with something new. Some users like it because of the nostalgic vibe it gives off, while others wonder why House of the Dragon didn’t go with something new.

The events of House of the Dragon take place around one hundred and eighty years before the events of Game of Thrones and follow the Targaryen family during a time of upheaval that ultimately leads to the war of succession that is referred to as the “Dance of the Dragons.”

Some people have been taken aback by the overwhelmingly good response that the show has received since it began airing, as well as by the fact that it has already been picked up for a second season.

In our analysis of the pilot episode, we stated that “House of the Dragons is here to stake a claim to its progenitors’ title at the summit of peak TV, and this first episode makes a compelling case” (House of the Dragons is here to stake a claim to its progenitors’ title at the pinnacle of peak TV).

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Episodes and Release Date

House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO on Sunday, August 21, with weekly episode releases. The season finale will air on October 23, 2018.

  • On August 21, the first episode, “The Heirs of the Dragon,” will air.
  • On August 28, Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince,” will air.
  • Episode 3 airs Sept. 4.

House of the Dragon Reveals Its Beginning Sequence!

  • Episode 4 airs Sept. 11.
  • On Sept. 18, Episode 5 will air.
  • Episode 6 airs Sept. 25.
  • On Oct. 2, Episode 7 will air.
  • Episode 8 comes out on October 9.
  • On Oct. 16, Episode 9 will air.
  • On Oct. 23, Episode 10 will air.
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