Why do Accountants prefer to Host QuickBooks?


There’s no room for error in accounting and as you know, there are many ways sensitive data could be misused if proper security measures aren’t taken. The last thing an accounting expert wants is to deal with the unwanted consequences of having this information fall into the wrong hands – because let’s face it, that can mess up a business!

Data security is everything when it comes to accounting companies.

QuickBooks Hosting is the safest option out there for accounting firms and small business owners. Sometimes, it’s easier to appreciate how secure something is by looking at what it protects against. Files saved in remote servers are encrypted with a user-generated key, which implies they are inaccessible to cyber criminals! This means cloud hosting services can protect against: – Account takeover – Data breaches – Software vulnerabilities – Security configuration mistakes.

Best practices to be followed on the cloud for ensuring the security

  • Always ensure the security-related updates are installed:

If you’re accustomed to disregarding security updates published by your operating system, then you’re making a grave mistake. All data related to accounting and finance should ideally be defended against all possible security threats including cyber-attacks, viruses as well as malware.

So, it is very necessary to pay attention to any security updates when it comes to accounting data security. When you choose to store your accounting data on a server with QuickBooks cloud hosting, the hosting company will make sure to constantly update its security measures to ensure that it’s safe from potential threats. It’s very easy for both companies and individuals to forget about important updates so this should be viewed as a bonus!

  • Cloud providers should have progressive firewall protections deployed on their servers:

Cloud hosting providers depend on firewalls to keep your data safe. As the name suggests, a firewall acts as an impassable barrier between the data and any threats coming your way. In cloud hosting, your files are stored on remote servers that you can access on DaaS Solutions from almost anywhere in the world. Firewalls not only keep hackers from getting in but even allow trusted people to get out. And since your data is stored on multiple servers, too many tries to penetrate a firewall would cause the intruder to get locked out completely. As a result, there’s no way they could mess with any client work.

  • Properly backed up systems on multiple locations for added redundancy:

QuickBooks hosting providers understand the value of your financial data and that is why professional hosting companies practice redundancy to ensure that no matter what happens, users can access their data.

It means they always have backup copies of your data in case of any accidental data loss; they will be able to restore it instantly to keep you going, this process is also known as business continuity wherein a business will keep on continue even if there is been some sort of cyber-attack. It is the responsibility of QB cloud hosting providers to make it happen.


The QuickBooks Cloud Hosting solution is the most admired accounting solution for both experts and newbies as it offers ease of use while being intact with some advanced accounting features. QuickBooks Hosting providers like Apps4Rent provide the best service in the United States to thousands of customers and apart from that they even provide services to migrate google workspace to Office 365 with 100% migration assistance and top-notch tech support.

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