The Wilds Season 3: Why Was Season 3 Cancelled?


Despite the real dangers the girls face, the Dawn of Eve program purposefully imprisoned them on the island as part of a bizarre social experiment.

What is known so far about The Wilds season 3’s release date? In the second season, a new group of survivors—a group of teenage boys—was introduced, and the survivors banded together to try to escape the island. Although assistance is on the way, the nightmare is still alive.

As a result, we searched the internet, cast and crew interviews, and all of our private Dawn of Eve project files to bring you the most up-to-date information on The Wilds season 3. So, here is all the information you require regarding the third episode of the Amazon Plus TV series.

Is ‘The Wilds Season 3’ Coming Back?

Unfortunately, there will be no third season of The Wilds. The series’ cancellation by Prime Video after two seasons was exclusively revealed by Deadline. Given that some cast members have hinted at a possible season three plot, this news may surprise some viewers.

Shelby’s actress Mia Healey told Cinema Blend in May, “[Season 3] excites me.” That’s like saying, ‘OK, this is a new ballgame now.’ We also have the entire bunker to ourselves. We’re no longer isolated on the island. As a result, these guys are sweating in this bunker, investigating everything and cooperating.

If we do season three, it will be massive. “I’m thinking about the writers, and I’m like, you have such a tall order,” the actress who plays Toni said at the time, referring to the writers’ enormous task and high bar. I mean, I have no idea where it’ll go.

The Wilds Season 3

Why Was the Wilds Season 3 Cancelled?

The Wilds had a strong start on Prime Video, and Amazon renewed the series for a second season just a week after the first batch of episodes aired.

It was not given the same consideration the second time around. Deadline reported that the show would be canceled at the end of July 2022.

Shannon Berry, who plays Dottie, later expressed her sorrow on Instagram Stories and confirmed the information “Dottie, I appreciate you being the greatest part of these last four years. I’ll never forget this unstoppable.”

Mia Healy, Shelby’s actor, also paid tribute to Shelby and posted photos from the set on Instagram, writing: “Shelby, and all of you, are amazing. I’ll be eternally grateful and changed for the better. I am grateful to you.”

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According to Deadline, the second season of The Wilds failed to generate the same excitement as the first, leading to its cancellation.

Who Was Going to Return for the Wilds Season 3?

If the show had continued, every original cast member who was still alive would have appeared in later episodes. If Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Erana James, and Sarah Pidgeon had been present, they would have been a part of the girls’ group.

Boys like Charles Alexander, Zack Calderon, Nicholas Coombe, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Aidan Laprete, Tanner Ray Rook, and Reed Shannon were eligible to return.

Seth and Nora were also expected to return, which means Alex Fitzalan and Helena Howard would have remained on the cast of The Wilds for the third season.

The Wilds Season 3

What Was Going to Occur in the Wilds Season 3?

The Wilds concluded with a cliffhanger that will never be resolved. Both groups of teens discovered a new truth about the island at the end of season two, and the team had no plans to slow down for season three.

Amy B Harris hinted at the futures of both groups in May 2022. “I’m excited to see how when these two groups kind of smash together, the chemistry and explosions that could come from are fascinating,” she said.

“Sarah [Streicher] and I enjoy scenes in which two people are talking, and you’re surprised to learn that they’re dating. “It’s like 14 ping-ponging, careening balls colliding. It’s exciting to delve so deeply into a character.”

Gretchen’s final words, “people on the ground, watching,” sparked heated debate among fans. Had she enlisted the help of members from both groups for the next experiment?

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Sophia Ali (Fatin) was also taken aback by the ending, telling People Magazine: “I’m hoping everyone improves. “I believe reuniting and making things more normal will turn things around. They’ll all go back to their old ways and have no idea how to survive in that environment with men.”

Any Unused of Footage The Wilds Season 3?

Sorry guys, but we won’t honestly know what happened to the survivors if there isn’t a renewal.

Before the show’s cancellation, Prime Video did, however, release a cute bloopers reel showcasing the antics the cast got up to on set. Look at what happened there and imagine that everyone had a happy ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wilds Have a Book Basis?

The series is based on William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies, but it also borrows heavily from the 2004 television drama Lost.

Where is The Wilds Filmed?

Filming for The Wilds took place in Auckland, which is located in New Zealand. One of the places where filming took place was at Te Henga, also known as Bethells Beach.

What Message Does the Wilds Convey?

The show takes a natural approach to explore identity, trauma, and fear. The treatment of women and girls worldwide and the effects of gendered violence and trauma are the main topics of The Wilds Season 1’s intense focus.

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