In an Instagram Post, Kanye Criticises Kid Cudi!

Kanye West returned to Instagram and immediately began attacking his former friend and rival, Kid Cudi. Kanye West shared an image of an explosive front-page newspaper headline he found on his Instagram account on Thursday. The headline read, “Kasper Rrsted Also Dies at 60.”

The headline focused on Adidas’ CEO, who will step down in 2023. “I know what you’re thinking…who is Kasper?” it said at the bottom of the piece of paper, in the beautiful print. However, perhaps less critical, who exactly is Kid Cudi?

Kanye West continued his post with the caption, “I’m not here to be liked. If you don’t like it, leave.” He is a recent convert to satirical fake newspapers. An earlier version of this joke made fun of Pete Davidson for divorcing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian using the same method.

Kanye’s public and vicious hatred for SNL comedian Davidson, who has been a friend to Kid Cudi for years, may have also contributed to his breakup with the rapper. Davidson and Kid Cudi have known each other for many years.

The Yeezy mogul had previously chastised Adidas for this, writing in a direct message to Complex’s Instagram account, “Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval.”

On August 2, the Yeezy Day brand holiday was observed. He claimed the company hired personnel for the line, created Yeezy colorways, and reissued older Adidas Yeezy styles without his permission.

In June, Ye expressed dissatisfaction with Adidas for what he perceived to be a knockoff of his widely popular Yeezy Slides. The Donda rapper claimed that the shoe in question, marketed as the Adilette 22 Slides, was a blatant knockoff of his design.

In an Instagram Post, Kanye Criticises Kid Cudi!

He continued his assault on the company’s CEO, Kasper Rated. In a letter to Kasper, he stated, “I’m not going to stand for this flagrant copying any longer.”

To everyone who enjoys sneaker culture… This is for anyone who fears expressing themselves for fear of losing their job or being labeled insane… These shoes represent those in positions of authority who are dismissive of others’ abilities. Kanye also posted on Thursday, accusing Gap and Adidas of stealing his design ideas.

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Kanye also aimed at Gap in a brief social media post on Wednesday, accusing the retailer of ripping off his Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga line and abruptly canceling a photo shoot he had planned with his children.

Ye responded to the criticism by a company six-minute video called “o Gap, during” which he was seen reiterating his commitment tcountry’spany’s brand and his larger “life mission.” Because the industry is the backbone of this country’s economy, it is our collective responsibility to get it going again.

He claimed, in part, that we have a chance of winning with this team. We should not argue with one another because this is more important than any of us. Nonetheless, I am adamant that I am responsible for extracting the sword from the stone. You can either believe me, or I can prove it to you. The choice is entirely yours. You will be present to witness it.

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