Someone’s Mom Has 4 Sons Question: The “someone’s Mother Riddle”!


It’s the question that everyone is dying to get the solution to, but the real question is: can YOU solve it? One of the most recent riddles to become viral begins with the statement, “Someone’s mother has four boys.” The response that initially appears to be common sense turns out to be incorrect.

And even the brightest minds sometimes have trouble figuring out the solution. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the “Someone’s mother” conundrum has become so popular on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp — or that everyone is so eager to find out the solution to the puzzle.

The “Someone’s mother riddle”

The solution to the complete question is as follows: Someone’s mom has four boys, and their names are East, West, and North. Who is the fourth son, and what is his name?

Someone's Mom Has 4 Sons Question

If your first inclination is to shout “EAST!” then you won’t be the only one. Because we’ve been taught to always think of the four cardinal directions in conjunction with one another, this is the mistake that the vast majority of people make. It should come as no surprise that the puzzle was constructed in such a way as to trick us in this manner.

But we can’t follow that line of reasoning if we want to solve the enigma about who someone’s mother is. It is helpful to read the question once more, this time taking your time.

Let’s get started right from the very beginning with the term “someone.” In all seriousness, someone might be anyone. Now that we’ve established that, let’s choose a replacement for Someone. I’ll call him Theodore.

Someone's Mom Has 4 Sons Question

We can now say that “Theodore’s mother has four sons: North, West, and South.” This replaces the previous phrase, “Someone’s mother.” Who exactly is this fourth son, though? It should come as no surprise that it’s Theodore!

When taking into consideration the initial query, it is now abundantly evident that the appropriate response is “Someone!”

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