Survivor Season 3: The Reason ‘survivor’ Didn’t Film in Africa After Season 3!


The third season of the reality TV show Survivor is titled Survivor: Africa. By a vote of 5 to 2, Ethan Zohn was proclaimed the champion, defeating Kim Johnson. To date, it has produced three returning players for succeeding seasons (Ethan Zohn, Lex van den Berghe, and Tom Buchanan).


The season was recorded in Kenya, where candidates were subjected to harsh heat and deadly wildlife. Due to the presence of man-eating animals in the area, the tribes lived in thorny enclosures similar to the indigenous Kenyan tribes.

Survivor Season 3

Later, the series returned to Africa for its seventeenth season, which was filmed in Gabon.

Due to the terrorist incidents of September 11, 2001, the premiere of this season was delayed. Consequently, this was the first season to span multiple calendar years.

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  • The duration of the game returned to the regular 39 days.
  • Tribe Composition: The sixteen castaways were divided into two tribes of eight.
  • Tribe Switch: Three individuals from both tribes were picked to join the other tribe.
  • The united tribe was comprised of ten individuals.
  • The format of the final tribal council consisted of two finalists facing a jury of seven. Individual jury members addressed each candidate.

A Recap of the Season

Samburu and Boran are the names of two different Kenyan tribes, and the new castaways were separated into those two groups when they arrived. During the first six days of the competition, Samburu was victorious in the challenges, but the tribe was split into two alliances based on age.

One of these coalitions was led by Silas, and the other was led by Frank. Boran, on the other side, was able to forge a cohesive front and win the last two Immunity Challenges despite the elimination of Diane and Jessie earlier in the game.

A deadlock occurred between the two rival alliances during Samburu’s first Tribal Council, which led to a challenge between Carl and Lindsey to determine who would win the tiebreaker.

Carl was defeated, handing control of the game to a more youthful alliance, who would eventually eliminate Linda. On day 12, each of the two tribes had a total of six members.

On Day 13, both tribes were given a cryptic hint that instructed them to select three people from their group to converge, only to find out that they would be participating in the very first Survivor Tribe Switch.

Kelly, Lex, and Tom were transferred to Samburu much to their disgust since their new camp was poorly kept, while Silas, who chose to go for Samburu, was swapped to Boran with Frank and Teresa.

Kelly, Lex, and Tom were sent to Samburu. Frank and Teresa had a grudge against Silas for the way he treated them in the old Samburu tribe, so they conspired with the original Borans to throw the next Immunity Challenge, which resulted in Silas being voted out of the game.

Later on, Teresa sent a covert signal to Kelly, suggesting that Lindsey had previous votes. Kelly, Lex, and Tom then used this information to oust Lindsey from the competition. On day 19, the two tribes combined to form a new tribe called Moto Maji, with the original Boran having a larger population than the original Samburu by a count of 6-4.

Teresa, who was once again on the outs, hatched a plot to turn the former members of the Boran tribe against each other by secretly voting against Lex at the Tribal Council. At the time, the tribe had decided to vote Clarence out of the tribe due to the fact that he was unpopular and posed a physical threat.

Teresa wanted to turn the former members of the Boran tribe against each other. Lex, incensed by this vote from an unknown source, vowed to discover the identity of the mystery voter but had incorrectly suspected Kelly. Kelly took a position favorable to the Samburu minority in the hopes of preserving her own position, but after a last-ditch discussion of tactics with Brandon, Kelly was eliminated from the competition.

Because of Brandon’s betrayal of Samburu, both camps viewed him as untrustworthy and ultimately decided to vote him out of the game. Frank, Kim P., and Teresa were the last three Samburus survivors left after the Boran Alliance of Ethan, Kim J., Lex, and Tom destroyed them one by one. It was clear from the beginning that their fate would be sealed.

After Kim J. won the remaining Immunity Challenges, Ethan, Lex, and Tom were forced to turn on each other, despite having a final three pact with each other in which they agreed to work together. After being eliminated by the voting, Tom and Lex were replaced in the competition by Ethan and Kim J.

Survivor Season 3

Kim J. was praised by the jury for making it to the finish despite her age at the Final Tribal Council; yet, she was seen as riding the coattails of Ethan, Lex, and Tom for the rest of the game, which is why she garnered the votes of Brandon and Kim P. Kelly, Frank, Teresa, Tom, and Lex all voted for Ethan, which led to him winning the title of Sole Survivor. Ethan was able to win their votes thanks to his clean, yet clever gameplay as well as his affable nature.

The Reason ‘Survivor’ Didn’t Film in Africa After Season 3

Fans are aware that after the third season, the show was never again recorded in Africa, therefore let’s examine why. It’s interesting to learn how Jeff Probst behaves behind the scenes, and it’s also intriguing to consider why Survivor left Africa after filming season three.

Some fans have responded in a thread on Reddit and conveyed their knowledge of the situation. One fan noted that filming conditions were neither optimal nor safe. They stated: “Africa was excessively extreme. Too hot, too risky, no water. Players were unable to hunt or fish, and they were unable to leave the camp securely; it was a terrible situation overall.”

It made little sense to keep Africa as the show’s setting, said another enthusiast because individuals would contract parasites or become overheated.

Fans will recall that filming the third season of the program in Africa was not a pleasant experience for anyone. This is due to the presence of surrounding animals.

According to, there was “hazardous fauna” and even creatures that might kill people, therefore the contestants were unable to walk freely or go anyplace.

During the third season, CBS News adds, regulations had to be established for the candidates, and no one was allowed near the water because it could be fatal. The magazine explains, “They will be hungry, but cannot hunt animals for sustenance this time. The river is plagued with man-eating crocodiles, so they cannot even take a sip to quench their thirst.

In reality, the river contains so many threats that the makers were unable to make it safe. The new rule for ‘Survivor: Africa’ prohibits participants from entering or even approaching the water.”

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