Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Who Will Be Cast as Voice Actors in HXH?


When Madhouse Animation resurrected Hunter X Hunter’s anime series in 2011, it received immediate critical acclaim. To put it mildly, some have dubbed it the “greatest anime series ever,” according to Adrian Marcano of Inverse.

Hunter X Hunter has been creating manga since 1998. The manga’s author, illustrator, and storyteller, Yoshiro Togashi, has had to postpone the project several times.

Hunter X Hunter season 6 debuted in 2014, more than eight years ago, and the most recent manga was published in October 2018. As a result, viewers are eager to learn how Gon Freecss’ story concludes.

The mental institution has been tight-lipped about a possible anime season 7 since season 6 ended. However, recent activity from Togashi and other show creators has fans speculating about the seventh season of Hunter X Hunter!

When Will Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Premiere on Netflix?

We cannot comment because neither the original anime creators nor Madhouse has made official statements regarding Hunter X Hunter Season 7’s renewal or cancellation.

We must remain optimistic about its renewal until it is formally canceled. If there hasn’t been a cancellation announcement, it could be on an extended hiatus while the studio finishes other projects.

Furthermore, even professionals struggle to create a single episode, and according to our research, the studio hired some freelance animators who are complete beginners.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

They will take much longer than expected due to the delays in Haikyu Season 5, Bofuri Season 2, Mushoku Tensei Season 3, Kakegurui Season 3, One Punch Man Season 3, and others.

Why is Hxh Season 7 on Netflix Being Held Up?

Yoshihiro Togashi, the anime series’ author, cannot consistently produce new manga editions due to health issues and back pain, which is also the reason for the upcoming season’s hiatus. Furthermore, due to the intense pressure of publishing new volumes, Togashi was forced to work a lot of overtime.

To feed the hungry fans, the 55-year-old manga author has planned some new chapters, and the 36th volume—the most recent Togasi volume—was published in 2019.

May he stay healthy and continue to release new manga chapters. Even though Season 7 is unavailable, Hunter X Hunter fans are still excited about the latest manga chapters. Another season of the anime is well-deserved.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoiler: What Might It Possibly Be About?

Even though no official announcement has been made regarding the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter, as a result, assuming the spoiler at this point is no longer necessary.

We would appreciate it if you could stay in touch with us because we will post any new information about this topic on this page as soon as we receive it.

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Is HXH Complete?

Yes, the 148th episode of the HXH anime series was released on September 23, 2014. The anime series won’t have more episodes, but the manga books will still be published.

Currently, 36 volumes of the manga are available, and it is still being published. The manga’s first volume was published in 1998, and as of 2022, there will be over 35 volumes available in English.

You can still read the manga chapters if you want to read about the rest of Gon’s adventures. On the official VIZ website, it is accessible.

Who Will Be Cast as Voice Actors in HXH?

According to the social media accounts of the voice actors, Mariya Ise and Megumi Han will return for Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter.

Funimation translated the Japanese version of Gon and his friends’ famous exchanges into English so viewers outside of Japan could understand them.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The voice actress returned to where she began with her partner, she wrote on Instagram. Megumi Han voices Gon Freecss, the other main protagonist of the anime TV series, while Mariye Ise portrays Killua Zoldyck.

Erica Mendez and Michael McConnohie will reprise their roles as Gon and Killua.

What Will Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Storyline Be?

Dark Continent Expedition, the next manga arc, will be adapted by Madhouse. A mental institution assigns one season to each manga story arc. Because of its brief duration, the Succession Contest may be included in Season 7.

A shorter season means a more concise story arc like the 12-episode Heavens Area arc from season 2. The manga’s Dark Continent arc runs from chapter 340 (“Special Mission”) to 348. (“Resolve”).

Because the Succession Contest is still ongoing, its duration is unknown. The plot is more detailed and extensive than in Dark Continent. Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter may combine the two arcs.

The sixth season of Hunter X Hunter was both emotional and inspiring. In this arc, new and returning characters explore the Dark Continent. Gon became a hunter because of his father.

At the end of Season 6, Ging Freecss desired to explore an unknown location, introducing the Dark Continent. Beyond Netero’s Kakin empire wishes to expand by exploring the Dark Continent.

V5 sponsors the Dark Continent expedition. Kurapika Kurta joins the journey alongside Ging Freecss and the Zodiacs in the manga. The group has never been to this location before. It’s full of spells and dangerous, mystical creatures.

Kurapaki’s goals are revealed in the Dark Continent arc, which builds on the Kurta Clan massacre. If the manga’s Succession Contest arc is included in season 7, the plot will consist of a deadly competition on the Black Whale ship en route to the Dark Continent.

The winner of the contest will be Kakin’s next king. Because the manga arc is unfinished, it’s unclear how Season 7 would end if Succession were included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

Watch HUNTER X HUNTER SET 7 | Prime Video.

Will the Hxh Anime Ever Be Revived?

The mental institution hasn’t renewed Hunter X Hunter. They’ve released several anime series and films in recent years. Past seasons have exhausted anime source material.

Will He Ever Find His Nen?

After much sacrifice, Gon eventually realizes his dream of becoming a Hunter and meeting his father. Gon lost his Nen skills during the complex and lengthy journey.

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