Soda Tab Meaning: People Are Also Making Necklaces From Soda Tabs!


A number of commonplace objects on TikTok contain hidden significance. Did you realize, for instance, that the nail polish you wear may contain a hidden message?

Wearing blue nail polish indicates that you are in a relationship, while white nail polish indicates that you are single. Soda Tabs are the latest thing to acquire a weird significance. If you’re a little perplexed, we’ll explain what they signify in detail.

Users of TIKTOK are Abandoning Soda Tabs

Have you ever considered removing the tab from a Coke can? No, we have not either.

Soda Tab Meaning

Upon drinking a can of Coke, it is customary to simply discard the empty can. However, as part of the latest fad on TikTok, individuals are removing soda tabs.

Each One Has a Different Meaning

When you break off your soda tab, the metal can have three distinct appearances depending on the beverage you consumed. Each has a unique significance.

Each and every soda tab has a large hole at the top. However, you must focus on the bottom one. The soda tab features either a large hole at the bottom, which signifies ‘hug,’ a semicircle with a smaller hole underneath it, which signifies ‘kiss,’ or a semicircle hole, which signifies sex.’

Soda Tab Meaning

For instance, if you receive the “kiss” soda tab, it indicates that you will receive a kiss from someone you like within the following few days. The following TikTok video illustrates the precise tab form for each meaning.

People Are Also Making Necklaces From Soda Tabs

Making necklaces out of soda tabs is a massive TikTok trend at the moment. They are pretty simple to produce. Simply remove the account from a Coke and attach it to a chain, but what does that mean?

You’ll be relieved to learn that this actually has no hidden meaning. A character from the Netflix series Outer Banks is being imitated.

Sarah, played by Madelyn Cline in Season 2 of the program, wears a soda tab necklace, which has now become the current TikTok fashion trend.

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