Who Has Tiffany Haddish Dated? She Shares Her Dating Dealbreakers!


After her breakup with Common, Tiffany Haddish is ready to start dating again, and she isn’t messing around regarding the qualities she demands in a partner. By continuing to read this article, find out why “land” is in and “funky armpits” is out.

Tiffany Haddish has been on our minds a lot in recent months. Her recent announcement that she is rejoining dating apps and a few other unrelated apps that she believes will help her find the right guy has put her in the public eye.

While serving as a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Haddish made lighthearted remarks about using all available dating apps.

I’m resuming my dating life, so I’m using Raya, Tinder, Postmates, Candy Crush, and the therapy app BetterHelp, okay? Haddish said something. You never know when or where you’ll run into a man, and if he happens to be a therapist, that could be useful, she explained.

Haddish dated rapper and actor Common for a short time before splitting up at the end of 2021. We haven’t seen her with anyone new since then.

Who Has Tiffany Haddish Dated

Even though their relationship has ended, the two continue to promote each other in the media and share lovely birthday wishes. The Girl’s Trip actress has previously stated that she misses her ex-boyfriend.

When speaking with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, she said, “I miss him.”I miss him now and then, she added. However, I believe that applies to any intimate relationship. They will be cut. But that’s fine with me. It’s fantastic.

Sis, on the other hand, is maturing and ready to socialize. In a new relationship, Haddish stated that she was looking for a man with a perfect credit score. I no longer care about someone’s height, age, or weight. Because credit scores show a person’s level of responsibility, the only statistic that matters to me is one from FICA.

Just letting you know that I’m a handful. We believe Haddish is capable of obtaining all of this and more, and we sincerely hope Cupid has considered her request.

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