Apex Legends Has Banned Andrew Tate, According to Reports!


According to reports, EA has banned players from Apex Legends for using the name “Andrew Tate,” and several accounts have reportedly been suspended.

The story of Andrew Tate’s ascent and the subsequent decline has garnered much attention online in 2022.

The former kickboxer faced criticism for his divisive opinions and was charged with misogyny due to his attitudes toward women. As a result, he was blocked from critical social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Despite the creator’s protests of “attacks” against him, there have been no signs that the rulings will be overturned, and some well-known people have expressed support for the news.

The 35-year-name old’s use in Apex Legends may now result in a ban as EA appears to be cracking down on references to him.

Apex Legends Has Banned Andrew Tate, According to Reports!

On September 2, a Reddit user claimed they were kicked out of the battle royale for using the in-game name “Andrew Tate.”

They claimed that the figure had been “de-platformed” on Apex and provided evidence in a message purportedly sent by Electronic Arts.

The message states that the name “violates our Positive Play Charter” and “may still disrupt the game for others,” regardless of whether it was meant as a joke.

Apex Legends Has Banned Andrew Tate

According to a statement made on September 3 by a former source of leaks named Garret, “several people with this username have been banned.” It appears that other users were also banned for the same offense.

They also attached a screenshot that appeared to be an exact copy of an EA ban message, demonstrating that the in-game name violates EA’s policies on “hateful conduct.”

At the time of writing, neither Respawn nor EA had responded to the apparent development; however, it appears that players are being banned for using the former kickboxer’s name while playing the game.

Although some people have raised the question of what to do if your name is Andrew Tate and you want to play Apex, a simple solution is to avoid using the name while playing the game.

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On September 4, KSI planned to publish a list of the top 15 boxers with the most clout in the sport on his Twitter account. However, the skill would not be considered when compiling this list. The emphasis would instead be on the general public’s interest in them.

“In terms of interest in the crossover boxing scene (Social media & mainstream presence, as well as how much people care if they fight), my top 15,” he wrote.

After putting his name at the top of the list, he included other well-known terms in the boxing community in all forms. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and Andrew Tate followed in their footsteps, with Deji and a few others also cutting.

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