Britney Spears Claims “I No Longer Believe in God” in Her Most Recent Audio Tape About Her Children!


Britney Spears published a new audio tape on Instagram on Monday, this time discussing her relationships with her boys Jayden and Sean Preston and ex-husband Kevin Federline. Following a controversial interview with Federline and Jayden, the recording was made.

The three-minute recording begins with Spears saying, “I can totally understand why my family would have a problem with me doing my own thing, maybe ’cause I never have,” referring to the limited autonomy she had for more than 13 years while under a conservatorship that gave her father, Jamie Spears, control over her finances and medical decisions. Federline has sole legal custody of their two children.

Britney Spears Claims "I No Longer Believe in God" in Her Most Recent Audio Tape About Her Children!

Spears concluded the recording by detailing the influence her conservatorship has had on her religious views, stating, “If God existed, He would not have permitted that to happen to me. I no longer believe in God as a result of my children’s and family’s treatment of me.”

“There is nothing left to believe in. I am an atheist, folks “She stated, The interview with Federline and Jayden aired on ITV and “60 Minutes Australia,” which is not affiliated with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” last month.

During the interview, Jayden Federline defended his grandfather, stating that he “does not deserve the media abuse” Additionally, he defended his grandmother, Lynne, whom Spears has accused of supporting the conservatorship.

Kevin Federline stated in an interview with ITV that he believes the conservatorship, which Spears has described as “pure abuse,” was legitimate and that Spears’ father “saved her back then.”

The interview also stated that Spears’ kids did not attend their mother’s wedding to model/actor Sam Ashgari because “she didn’t invite the whole family, and if it was just me and Preston, I just don’t see how that situation would have ended on a good note,” Jayden said.

Kevin Federline asserted that Spears’ social media presence negatively affected her sons. “I try to explain to them that this may be another way she attempts to express herself. However, this does not negate the reality that it harms them “he added.

Additionally, Jayden disapproved of his mother’s usage of Instagram, stating, “It’s almost as if she needs to post on Instagram to gain attention. This has been going on for years and years and years, and there’s a good chance it may never end, but I’m praying she’ll stop.”

In a Saturday Instagram video, Spears appeared to respond to these allegations by writing in the caption, “I’m so sorry kiddies I continue to do social media … I regret that you believe I do it for attention… I am sorry for how you feel… nevertheless, guess what??? I have some news for you… I am a child of God, as are you all, in God’s eyes… hence I am NOT sorry… I’ve learned to exclaim “SO!”

In the audio clip released on Monday, Spears dived deeper into the conflict by directly addressing her 15-year-old son “As you usually do, Jayden, you undermine my actions by saying, “I hope she gets better.” I shall pray for her – for what, exactly?”

“Do you guys want me to get healthier so I can continue paying your dad $40,000 each month, or are you choosing to be bitter because it’s over in two years and you get nothing?” Spears said that Federline will no longer be able to receive child support payments after her children reach the age of 18.

Spears asserted in a video released on Monday that she consistently requested additional time with her sons, but that they would leave her house early during regular custody sessions.

“If I didn’t shower you with gifts, have delicious meals ready, and act like a saint, it would never be good enough,” she added. Spears also recalled a moment when she told Jayden she wanted to spend more time with him, to which he allegedly responded: “You phoned your dad. I never saw you again.”

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Net Worth of Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a well-known pop singer, actress, and performer from the United States. Her net worth is estimated to be $70 million according to

Britney Spears Claims "I No Longer Believe in God" in Her Most Recent Audio Tape About Her Children!

After releasing the smash single “Baby One More Time” in 1999 and the follow-up single “Oops! I Did It Again” in 2000, Britney Spears established herself as a big presence in mainstream pop music and popular culture. It is commonly believed that she is responsible for giving new life to the adolescent pop genre in the late 1990s.

To this day, Britney Spears has racked up more than 100 million record sales all over the world. According to data provided by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Spears is the sixth most successful female artist in terms of record sales in the United States.

During the early years of the new millennium, when Britney Spears was at the pinnacle of her fame, she was one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world. Only in 2002 did she bring in a total of $40 million from her tours and record sales.

As of the time of this writing, Britney’s world tours had together earned a total of $500 million around the globe. In the years 2013–2017, Britney earned between $350,00 and $500,000 each night while playing during her residency in Las Vegas.

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