EA Has Banned Players Named “Andrew Tate” From Apex Legends!


Reports indicate that Electronic Arts (EA) has already suspended some accounts for using the name “Andrew Tate” in the online battle royale game Apex Legends.

On September 2, 2022, a user on Reddit claimed that the reason he was disqualified from the Battle Royale was due to the fact that he had named his identity after an influential British-American.

Ea Has Banned Players Named "Andrew Tate" From Apex Legends!

The game is negatively impacted as a result of the name, as stated in the notification sent out by Electronic Arts, which breaches their guideline on positive play characters.

However, it appears that other individuals who share the same username have also been kicked off the server for a week. Andrew Tate, the newest star of Rumble, appears to still have a large following online despite the fact that he is banned from all of the most popular social media platforms.

The controversial views that the ex-kickboxer, sometimes known as the “King of Toxic Masculinity,” holds on a wide range of sensitive topics have earned him a reputation for drawing criticism.

It would appear that Tate has also been removed from Apex Legends, which is not surprising given that the developer is cracking down on any references to the polarizing internet celebrity.

It would appear that infraction of their regulations by making use of his name in the game is the case. A user on Reddit claimed that the reason he was banned from the game was that he used the in-game nickname “Andrew Tate.”

Even if the name was merely intended as a joke, it still prevents other players from having fun while playing the game. This is according to the notification that was sent out by Electronic Arts, which states that the name supposedly breaches their guideline on positive play characters.

Notably, the offense is classified as a violation of the policy and falls under the heading of hateful conduct.

Despite the fact that nothing has been officially declared as of yet, it appears that players are being banned from Apex Legends for a period of one week due to the reason stated above.

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Net Worth of Andrew Tate

Tate addressed several allegations made about his personal riches in the podcast in which he asserted that he was a trillionaire.

He stated, “I had no money for a very long time.” “I made my first million when I was around 27 years old, and then I had 100 million by the time I was 31, and then I just recently became a trillionaire.”

Ea Has Banned Players Named "Andrew Tate" From Apex Legends!

Tate was born in the United States, but he moved to the United Kingdom when he was only four years old. His kickboxing training took place in Luton, and he went on to win many world championships before eventually establishing a dubious adult webcam business in Eastern Europe.

Since then, he has expanded his financial holdings by investing in bitcoin and building a casino chain with his brother, Tristan, along with his current residence in Romania.

A significant portion of Tate’s fanbase is affiliated with a multi-level marketing opportunity known as “Hustler’s University.” The cost of a monthly subscription to his course is listed as $49.99, and he asserts that more than 100,000 people are currently enrolled in it. According to these estimates, Andrew Tate brings in a total of five million dollars every single month from Hustler’s University.

Tate’s statements about his net wealth continue to be grossly exaggerated, despite the information presented here. Essentially Sports estimates that Tate’s wealth is somewhere around $30 million at the present time.

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