Jurassic World 4: What Will the Season 4 Storyline Be?


After the release of Jurassic World Dominion, the dinosaur franchise, which began with Jurassic Park in 1993, now has six films.

With the return of the original cast, the latest installment fully embraces the series’ nostalgia. Although the movie will likely please the masses, critics have mixed feelings about the film.

Fans of the dinosaur saga have understandably turned their attention to what may happen next in the film series, including whether there will be a Jurassic World 4 or if Dominion will serve as the series conclusion.

Will There Be a Fourth Jurassic World Film, or is Dominion the Last?

Chris Pratt stated that Jurassic World Dominion was the final installment before retracting his statement, which has caused some confusion. There is no doubt that it feels like the end because both Jurassic trilogies’ main characters’ stories have been satisfactorily resolved.

Even though it is a well-known IP, it doesn’t always have a sense of permanence. According to producer Frank Marshall, Jurassic World 4 is a possibility, and given that Universal would likely earn $1 billion from it, it appears likely that there will be another. Hollywood always finds a way, whether a new reboot or a direct sequel.

Jurassic World 4

Jurassic World 4 Expected Release Date

According to screenrant.com, Jurassic World 4’s release date would probably be summer 2025/2026 if it were already confirmed or at least in the early stages of development, maintaining a similar gap between releases in the new trilogy.

But given the lack of a plot for Jurassic World 4 and the unfavorable reviews, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait longer. Jurassic World 4 coming out sometime around 2028 seems like a reasonable prediction, though Universal probably wouldn’t want it to be another twelve years before the next film.

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Jurassic World 4 Cast: Who Will Play the Lead Roles in Season 4?

Jurassic World 4 appears to be centered on the characters of the Dominion. Some fan favorites may be on their way out.

If Trevorrow’s statements are correct, Wise and Athie will likely return for a sequel. We asked Athie if he would return as Ramsay in our Dominion interview.

Athie stated, “Okay! Nothing is out of the question. I have no idea when, how, who, or what will happen. I’m available. Yeah. Cool.”

Chris Pratt, who plays Owen Grady, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Claire Dearing, are both possible cast members. This time, the two will not be significant players. According to Pratt and Howard, Dominion concluded the story of their characters.

Pratt and Howard will almost certainly appear (look at how Dominion reunited Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum). If Jurassic World 4 is completed, Isabella Sermon, who played Maisie Lockwood, may return.

We can see her appearing in a future sequel alongside Athie and Wise (along with Raptor Blue’s child), so fingers crossed! We’ll keep you informed. That’s all, dinosaur fans! Jurassic World 4 release date, plot, and cast. Fast and Furious movie list.

Jurassic World 4

Jurassic World 4 Plot: What Will the Season 4 Storyline Be?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any word about a fourth Jurassic World movie. As a result, nothing is known about the fourth movie’s plot. But one thing is sure.

We can infer a few things from the third Jurassic World movie’s ending. The fourth movie, Jurassic World Dominion, has a very open finish that leaves room for anything to happen. So let’s consider the potential plot of the fourth movie.

Once again, Jurassic World Dominion showed the destruction that selfish humans are capable of. The movie explores a significant issue, including a corrupt and power-hungry corporation, in addition to the black market for dinosaurs and poachers.

A fourth movie’s central theme would be the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. The third movie left this unresolved. We meet Maisie Lockwood in the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie, a replica of Benjamin Lockwood’s granddaughter.

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The children of Maisie and Raptor Blue’s DNA are wanted. As a result, a fourth movie might explore the concept of cloning DNA. The creators also hinted that the series’ fourth installment would center on the newly developed characters. Ramsay Cole and Kayla are two of these individuals. Ramsay is the director of communications for Biosyn, and Kayla is a pilot.

We can assume that a fourth movie will focus on their backstories, given their roles in Jurassic World Dominion. Particularly Kayla’s history and her transactions on the black dinosaur market.

It would also be intriguing to see what Ramsay has in store for the future of Biosyn. Overall, it’s impossible to predict what the series’ fourth installment will bring to the screen, but fans are curious to find out.

Jurassic World 4 Trailer

The release of the fourth Jurassic World movie has not been announced, as was already mentioned. Therefore, Jurassic World 4 doesn’t have a trailer either.

The fourth movie’s plot is still being worked out and hasn’t been decided yet. Fans can anticipate a trailer release once film production begins. You can watch the Jurassic World Dominion trailer up until that time on YouTube. You can currently watch the season 4 teaser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jurassic World 3 the Last Chapter?

It is a sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), the third and final film in the Jurassic World trilogy, and the sixth installment overall in the Jurassic Park franchise, concluding the storyline from the original Jurassic Park trilogy. It is based on a story by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

Blue, a Raptor, is a Male or Female?

Blue, a female Velociraptor, appears in Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and Jurassic World: Dominion. She is the eldest of four raptors in her pack, which includes her sisters Charlie, Echo, and Delta.

What Caused Echo to Have a Scar?

In her youth, she competed with Blue to control the park’s Velociraptor pack, but Blue was victorious. Echo developed a scar across her face due to the encounter, and her jaw became permanently offset. Some of the Jurassic World dinosaur handlers dubbed her “Elvis” due to her permanent sneer.

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