Maitland Ward Discusses an Icy Encounter With Co-star Danielle Fishel of “Boy Meets World”!


Maitland Ward has revealed some juicy details regarding a frosty interaction she had with her former co-star, Danielle Fishel, in her new tell-all book.

In her new biography titled “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood,” the former “Boy Meets World” actress claims that when she ran into Fishel at a party, Fishel did not behave in a particularly nice manner toward her.

Maitland Ward Discusses an Icy Encounter With Co-star Danielle Fishel of "Boy Meets World"!

Even though Ward did not make an appearance on the Disney spin-off series “Girl Meets World,” the actor has revealed that the series’ star, Danielle Fishel, invited her to a party on the set of the series and “barely recognized” her being there.

“I found it very strange that Danielle chose not to communicate with me in any way. She hardly acknowledged the fact that I was even present,” the former Disney actress said in her letter.

Although I hadn’t seen her since the day of my wedding, none of us harbored any ill will or bad blood toward the other.

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The now-adult film star, who is 45 years old, speculated that the actress, who played Topanga Lawrence on “Boy Meets World,” wasn’t too keen on sharing the spotlight with other female colleagues on the “Girl Meets World” spin-off, which aired for three seasons. The show “Girl Meets World” was broadcast for three seasons.

The actress from “The Bold and the Beautiful” wrote: “I don’t know whether this is true, but there were murmurs she didn’t want any of the prior female cast members to share the screen with her.”

She went on to say that Fishel’s prejudices against the female co-stars explain why her character would “never interact with Trina [McGee’s character] when Trina [McGee’s character] made an appearance on the show.” She said that this was because Trina would “never interact with Trina.

In addition to this, Ward mentioned that Fishel “didn’t appreciate me popping up on the set.”

This new memoir by Ward, which was published on Tuesday, September 6th, describes a variety of incidents that the actress had while working in Hollywood, in addition to her entry into the adult film industry.

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Net Worth of Danielle Fishel

The American actress Danielle Fishel has a career that has earned her a net worth of $4 million dollars. With her performance as Topanga Lawrence on the critically acclaimed television show “Boy Meets World,” Danielle Fishel became a household name. On the sitcom “Girl Meets World,” she performed the character that she had previously played in 2014.

Maitland Ward Discusses an Icy Encounter With Co-star Danielle Fishel of "Boy Meets World"!

On May 5th, 1981, Danielle was born in the city of Mesa, Arizona. When she was 10 years old, she made her acting debut in productions of “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz” at the neighborhood theater. Fishel became known for her work in advertisements, particularly her turn as the Barbie Girl for Mattel.

She had a few small appearances on television shows like “Full House” and “Harry and the Hendersons” before she was offered the part of Topanga on “Boy Meets World” in 1993.

Fishel was nominated for a Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy TV Series for her work on the 134 episodes of the popular sitcom that she was a part of. She was featured on the cover of “Seventeen” magazine and was included on a list compiled by “Teen People” of the 21 hottest stars under the age of 21.

After the cancellation of “Boy Meets World,” Fishel went on to star in a number of films before earning a spot as a correspondent on “The Tyra Banks Show” and becoming the host of “Say What? Karaoke.” Her hosting credits include “The Dish” on the Style Network and “The Fuse 20” on Fuse TV.

Fishel had a starring role in the controversial film “Boiling Pot,” which documented bigotry on college campuses during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. She had a recurring role in the “Boy Meets World” spin-off series “Girl Meets World,” which aired from 2014 to 2017 and had a total of three seasons.

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