Daniel Radcliffe on Working on “Strange” I Need Nothing Else, by Al Yankovic!


Strangeness will dominate the planet. This is the mood on the red carpet for the opening night presentation of “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” by Eric Appel at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the unapologetic biopic parody, told IndieWire, “This is not a film that we expect you to sit down and draw a moral from.”

Daniel Radcliffe on Working on "Strange" I Need Nothing Else, by Al Yankovic!

“However, if there is something to it, it’s about embracing your own quirkiness as a means to your own pleasure.”

The semi-“true” story of Yankovic’s climb from polka-playing pariah to stadium-selling pop culture satirist began as a parody trailer for FunnyOrDie.com in 2010. It featured, among others, Patton Oswalt, Olivia Wilde, and Gary Cole in addition to Aaron Paul as Weird Al. Radcliffe assumed the part of Al, and Appel developed the two-minute viral spoof into a feature-length film, with Funny or Die and Tango as producers.

Radcliffe remarked, “[Yankovic] is so honestly himself, and that has led to this amazing film and his incredible career.”

Free streaming on Roku Toby Huss and Julianne Nicholson play Yankovic’s pearl-clutching parents Nick and Mary. When questioned about Madonna’s reaction to the movie, Wood said, “I don’t think she’ll answer. She has other thoughts and activities on her mind.”

“I adore Madonna,” continued Wood. “I’ve met her before. We’ve been really friendly. So I believe we are cool. I hope we are cool. And the good news is that nothing in this film actually occurred, so I’m relatively secure.”

Daniel Radcliffe on Working on "Strange" I Need Nothing Else, by Al Yankovic!

The actual Yankovic appears in Appel’s original comedy as a bewildered music executive and almost definitely makes an unannounced appearance in the film. When asked what song he would compose on Daniel Radcliffe if, given the chance, Yankovic answered IndieWire, “I would write ‘Daniel Radcliffe is Awesome’ because he is awesome!”

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“Accordion was the instrument on which we collaborated the most,” Radcliffe said of his experience working directly with Yankovic. “The fact that he gave me accordion lessons is something I will carry to my grave. I have everything I need.”

“V/H/S 99,” “Pearl,” “Venus,” “Sisu,” “Sick,” “Project Wolf Hunting,” “The People’s Joker,” “The Blackening,” and “Leonor Will Never Die” will screen at the Royal Alexandra Theaters as part of TIFF’s annual Midnight Madness program.

Vincent Perella was the reporter. Watch the “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” trailer below:

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