Prince Harry’s Independent Departure From Balmoral Indicates That the Bitter Royal Rivalry Has Outlived the Queen!


Friday morning, Prince Harry left Balmoral Castle the same way he had arrived: alone. The prince, who spent just over 12 hours at Balmoral, has become estranged from his family since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, renounced their status as working royals and gave a series of interviews criticizing the family and institution and leveling racist accusations.

Harry landed at Balmoral around 8 p.m. on Thursday, 90 minutes after the death of the queen was revealed.

Prince Harry's Independent Departure From Balmoral Indicates That the Bitter Royal Rivalry Has Outlived the Queen!

Even though only Charles and his sister Anne were claimed to have been at the queen’s bedside when she died peacefully yesterday afternoon, the announcement of her passing was withheld until other family members had arrived at Balmoral.

Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and his wife, Sophie, flew to Scotland together on an air-force jet, but unbelievably, Harry was not on board, despite the fact that he was at his house in Windsor with Meghan, which is just a few hundred yards from William’s house (and not far from either Edward’s or Andrew’s residences).

The death notification was made while he was in the air aboard a commercially hired jet, hours after his arrival.

Also shrouded in mystery were his wife Meghan’s whereabouts. Omid Scobie, a journalist sympathetic to the Sussex family, initially reported that Meghan would accompany Harry to Balmoral, but he later issued a statement stating that she would not.

The palace has not specified what transpired, but Nicholas Witchell, the BBC’s royal correspondent, echoed widespread suspicion that she was instructed to stay away, stating on broadcast, “She might not be particularly warmly received, to be absolutely honest.”

MailOnline published images of Harry texting on his phone while being driven out of the gates of Balmoral Castle at 8:30 a.m. local time, roughly 12 hours after his arrival. He was then spotted boarding a plane at Aberdeen airport, where he was reportedly comforting an airport employee.

Harry’s solo journey to and from his grandmother’s deathbed is not coincidental. The dance conveys a clear message from King Charles: Harry is now an outsider and a member of a lower-ranking royal family.

According to the Daily Mail, his plane was “owned by the commercial jet leasing company Luxaviation UK.” His savage approach will further fuel rumors of lingering animosity between Prince Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the royal family.

As previously reported by The Daily Beast, a former royal staffer told The Royalist, “I’m sure they’ll all put up a fine show for the funeral, just as they did for Philip’s. However, this event failed to bring the brothers together in any significant sense. This will not be an exception.”

Harry’s camp stated last week, previous to the queen’s death, that Harry had made no effort to reach out to William and was refusing to do so unless William apologized for his role in what Harry considers to be the improper treatment of him and Meghan prior to their departure from the family.

This week, Harry and Meghan planned a variety of charitable activities in England and Germany, which brought them to the United Kingdom. Scobie tweeted this morning that Harry would “of course” remain in the United Kingdom until the queen’s burial, which is expected to take place on Monday, September 19.

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What Ultimately Led to the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II?

The death of the Queen was said to have occurred “peacefully” when she was sleeping at her residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on the afternoon of September 8, 2022, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

According to the statement that was released by Buckingham Palace, “The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.” This evening, the King and Queen Consort will continue their stay at Balmoral and will travel back to London the next day.

Because her physicians had “concerns,” the Queen had been placed under the “supervision” of a physician. A statement that was released by Buckingham Palace at the time stated as follows: “Following additional evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned about Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical monitoring.”

Her meeting with Elizabeth Truss, the incoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was one of the final formal responsibilities she performed before passing away.

Prince Harry's Independent Departure From Balmoral Indicates That the Bitter Royal Rivalry Has Outlived the Queen!

Now, a specialist has identified a photograph that was taken during that appointment and believes it may provide some insight into the circumstances surrounding the Queen’s passing.

According to Dr. Deb Cohen-Jones, who was interviewed by the Daily Mail, photographs of the Queen’s hands are a warning sign concerning her deteriorating health.

“From what I can tell, there is a good chance that there is evidence of peripheral vascular disease. She explained that it is a condition of blood circulation that causes the blood vessels that are located outside of your heart and brain to become constricted, blocked, or spastic.

“There is a possibility that it could lead to cardiac failure. If your peripheral circulation is that bad, your organs aren’t getting the blood supply they need to function properly. It may be an indicator of the failure of multiple organs.

Sadly, it is likely that the Queen would have experienced “a lot of suffering” as a result of the condition because the photographs suggested that the illness was severe.

Because the Queen always wore gloves when she was seen in public, it is unknown for how long she was afflicted with the condition.

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