Is Yakult Made of Cow Sperm? What is Yakult’s Composition?


Yakult is a popular fermented milk beverage containing beneficial intestinal flora. The beverage was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1996 and is available in forty nations and areas globally.

Each tiny bottle contains at least 20 billion bacteria of the unique strain L. The species casei Shirota is named for the scientist Dr. Shirota.

Over the past year, rumors on Facebook and Twitter have circulated that Yakult contains cow sperm. We’re here to disprove the claim for you.

What is Yakult’s Composition?

The Yakult website lists the following ingredients: water, reconstituted skim milk, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, maltodextrin, and flavorings. Contains L. casei Shirota.

Is Yakult Made of Cow Sperm?

One bottle of Yakult contains at least 20 billion cells of the novel strain of bacteria identified by Dr. Shirota. The strain is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, according to Yakult.

The variety name “L. casei Shirota signifies:

L. Lactobacilli are microscopic rod-shaped bacteria that are commonly found in dairy products (genus).

casei (species) is the Latin word for cheese.

Dr. Shirota inspired the naming of this breed.

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Is Cow Sperm Present in Yakult?

In April 2021, a screenshot of a Google Search snippet alleging that Yakult is created from cow sperm became popular on Facebook.

According to the fact-checking website Rappler, the screenshot-containing post has received more than 27,000 responses and over 67,000 shares.

The Google Search snippet is from an unverified Facebook post dated July 31, 2020, by the page DYK, which asserts that it is a “Just For Fun” page.

Is Yakult Made of Cow Sperm?

Cow sperm is not specified as an ingredient on the Yakult website, so it is safe to conclude that the post is bogus, and you can continue drinking Yakult with confidence.

Yakult contains the following ingredients: water, skim milk (reconstituted), glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, maltodextrin, and flavorings. Contains L. casei Shirota.

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