Jeff Lowe: Joe Exotic Disclosed to Jeff Lowe That He Was HIV-positive!


Tiger King 2 has just been launched on Netflix, taking viewers on a journey of what transpired after the popular documentary series. This season deviates from Joe Exotic’s life and digs into various topics that were introduced in the first season.

As the series investigates the disappearance of Don Lewis, a man who operates a weird sex house, and Tim Stark, a fellow zoo owner, there is much more murder, lunacy, and mayhem. Brian Rhyne, Joe Exotic’s first husband, who died from issues related to HIV, appears in Tiger King 2, leaving viewers to question whether Joe is HIV-positive as well.

Joe Exotic Disclosed to Jeff Lowe That He Was HIV-positive

Joe Exotic is not HIV-positive, but according to Jeff Lowe, in many instances, he claimed to be. Joe Exotic sold the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to Jeff Lowe during the first season of Tiger King.

Jeff Lowe

In 2016, Jeff inherited the zoo from his former business partner, and he stated that Joe Exotic used great steps to convince him to acquire it.

Jeff asserted that Joe Exotic persuaded him to acquire the zoo by revealing his HIV status. He told the Daily Mail, “Joe not only told us on multiple occasions that he was HIV-positive but also told several other people.” He utilized it to his advantage in order to con them out of money. If not HIV, then it was cancer.”

He Actually Had CIVD

Joe Exotic was never infected with HIV, but he did have CIVD. CIVD is an autoimmune illness that resembles HIV but is not sexually transmitted.

In a letter to his husband Dillon Passage obtained by TMZ in 2020, he stated: “As most people are aware, I was born with CVID, not Covid-19, and hemogamaglobinanemia, requiring four-weekly blood transfusions. He then asserted that he was not receiving the necessary care in prison and would soon die.

“I’m losing weight, my wounds won’t heal, and I’ll die within two to three months. As if I were sentenced to death row. My soul is dead, and every day I strive to cling to what little hope I can muster,” he continued.

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe told the Daily Mail, “Whenever Joe went to the hospital or doctors for treatment of his CVID, he said he had cancer, HIV, or something else.”

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His First Husband Died From HIV Complications

In Tiger King 2, the audience is led through a timeline of Joe Exotic’s previous romances. His first husband was Brian Rhyne, whom he met as a late adolescent in the 1980s.

The couple moved into a trailer together in Arlington, Texas, and were married at the Round-Up gay bar. They were together for 16 years prior to his death from lung cancer in 2001. HIV accelerated cancer’s progression and hastened his untimely demise.

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