Emotional Harrison Ford Releases the Trailer for His Final “Indiana Jones” Film!


ANAHEIM, California – Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge revealed the first trailer for the highly anticipated film “Indiana Jones 5” on stage at D23, the Disney fan event, on Saturday.

With pride, Ford applauded Walter-Bridge, stating, “This is great.” One such reason is as follows.

Ford, 80, was emotional throughout his speech and had to fight back the tears several times. He hinted that this could be his final appearance in the acclaimed series. “This is it,” he exclaimed, joyfully swinging his arm.

The “I won’t fall for you again,” remarked the “Star Wars” legend, smiling. At D23, Disney offers the first look at Little Mermaid vocalist Halle Bailey and the “Lion King” prequel “Mufasa.”

Happy 90th birthday, John Williams! Harrison Ford annihilates a Star Wars symbol. The release date of India Jones 5 is indicated by John Williams’ birthday.

Ford sobbed and thumped his chest as he discussed the story’s “heart” and vowed, “This movie will kick your (butt).” After witnessing the moving trailer, the D23 audience was delighted.

The plot of the new film is unknown. However, an unreleased video shows retired explorer Jones (played by Harrison Ford) mourning his return to a suffocating academic life with Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) from the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“I miss the adventure,” Indy complains.

But he is quickly called into action, riding a horse across New York City with Helena, played by Waller-Bridge (and

the subway).

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Naturally, Indiana Jones dons the legendary hat and whip as he orders a swarm of gunmen to “Get back,” only to be shot at (a callback to a famed “Raiders” scene).

Another video clip shows Mads Mikkelsen, whose character is yet unknown, dressed in Nazi regalia. “Indiana Jones 5” is directed by James Mangold and will be released on June 30, 2023. The score was written by the legendary John Williams, who established the series’ musical legacy with “Raiders.”

“I had the fun of my life,” making this film, remarked Waller-Bridge. And it isn’t easy to keep up with this guy. Harrison Ford injures his shoulder while rehearsing an action scene for the upcoming “Indiana Jones.” Pixar and Amy Poehler will announce Inside Out 2: Joy at Disney’s D23 Expo.

Christian Slater has joined the “Willow” family with his onstage appearances alongside Warwick Davis, who plays Willow in the TV series based on the 1988 film.

Although Slater’s involvement was not revealed, the “Mr. Robot” actor indicated that he enjoyed filming the show. Slater claims that, unexpectedly, “We got to do some improv, and we made some stuff up on the spot. This character is amusing.

Davis revealed a brand-new series trailer, which will air on November 30. Marvel adds Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan, and David Harbour to their anti-hero team in “Thunderbolts.”

Jude Law Enters “Star Wars” in “Skeleton Crew”

Jude Law, a brand-new cast member of the “Star Wars” Disney+ series “Skeleton Crew,” made an appearance at D23. Law, who plays Dumbledore in the “Fantastic Beasts” series, remarked, “I can’t quite believe I’m part of the “Star Wars” world.”

His involvement with the “Skeleton Crew” was not made clear. There is no set date for the premiere of the series, which centers on a group of young people adrift in the “Star Wars” universe.

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