Kevin Costner Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date: Cast, Trailer, Season 4 of Yellowstone Recap!


Yellowstone on Paramount Network has demonstrated that people still enjoy a good western. In the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone, they’ll get more of it. The Taylor Sheridan neo-western is a long cry from the genre made famous by John Wayne on the big screen, but Yellowstone’s cowboys have become one of television’s most popular draws.

In 2021, “Phantom Pain” and “Under a Blanket of Red” from Yellowstone season, 4 were the only cable network programs to make the top 100 most-watched US television programs of the year. The season four finale reportedly had 10.3 million viewers.

Yellowstone’s popularity has also contributed to the success of a few other shows, most notably the Yellowstone prequel series 1883, which is exclusive to Paramount Plus. Yellowstone also has two other planned spinoffs: 6666, which is a direct Yellowstone spinoff, and 1923, which, like 1883, chronicles prior generations of the Dutton family.

Fans are excitedly anticipating the return of the Dutton family after the fifth season of Yellowstone was officially ordered. Here is everything we know about the fifth season of Yellowstone.

Release Date of Yellowstone Season 5

The season 5 debut of Yellowstone airs on Sunday, November 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT in the United States, with further episodes airing weekly. The premiere will be two hours long.

kevin costner yellowstone season 5 Release Date

Yellowstone is now more accessible to UK fans via Paramount Plus, however, it is currently unknown when season 5 will premiere on UK television.

Season 5 of Yellowstone will feature 14 episodes, as opposed to the usual ten. The season will be divided into two halves, each containing seven episodes.

Yellowstone Cast Regulars

All of the following Yellowstone series regulars are scheduled to return for season 5:

  • Jefferson White in the role of Jimmy Hurdstrom
  • Gil Birmingham in the role of Thomas Rainwater
  • Forrie J. Smith is cast as Lloyd Denim Richards is cast as Colby.
  • Ian Bohen as Ryan
  • Ryan Bingham as Walker
  • Little Finn as Carter
  • Jen Landon portraying Teeter
  • Kathryn Kelly portrays Emily
  • Mo Delivers Abundance as Mo
  • Wendy Moniz as Lynelle Perry, Governor.

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Returning Yellowstone Cast Members

The Wrap(opens in a new tab) has reported that season 5 will feature new cast members. The return of Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton, Kylie Rogers as a young Beth Dutton, and Kyle Red Silverstein as a young Rip Wheeler means that there will be more flashbacks. Jacki Weaver returns as one of the season 4 antagonists, Caroline Warner.

New Yellowstone Cast

Several new cast members have been confirmed for season 5. Included among them are Kai Caster as Rowdy, a teenage cowboy, Lainey Wilson as Abby, a musician, Lilly Kay as Clara Brewer, the Duttons’ new assistant, and Dawn Olivieri as Sarah Atwood, a new corporate player who arrives in Montana.

Season 5 Yellowstone Trailer

The first footage from season 5 of Yellowstone has arrived. There is only a brief introduction to the Dutton family and Rip, with the intriguing promise that “everything will be disclosed.” Here is the teaser for season 5 of Yellowstone:

Season 4 of Yellowstone Recap

After the season 3 cliffhanger in which Beth, Kayce, and John were all attacked, season 4 begins with John Dutton coming up from a coma a couple of months later. Beth sustained burns on her back from the explosion, while Kayce works to assist Monica and Tate, who have been traumatized.

Beth meets Carter, a teenager whose father overdoses, while caring for her father, and asks him to live and work on the ranch. John sends Jimmy to the Texas ranch 6666 as a last-ditch effort for him to become a real cowboy, once Jimmy has healed from another mishap involving a bucking horse.

In an effort to prevent the sale of Yellowstone, Market Equity has begun work on its planned airport, with Caroline Warner arriving in Montana to manage operations. Caroline offers Beth a position as a method to have Beth work for them rather than against them.

However, Beth’s first devotion is always to her father, so she utilizes the opportunity to learn more about Market Equity’s plan and attempt to disrupt it from within. This involves utilizing an environmentalist who develops a close relationship with John Dutton to organize a demonstration on Market Equity’s construction site that garners national attention.

Thomas Rainwater and the Duttons continue to put their once-and-potentially-future animosity on hold as he shares vital information with John regarding who was hired to attack him and his family, and as he assists Kayce and his family in their troubles.

The information suggests that an inmate orchestrated the attack against the Duttons, although he had no prior relationship with them. As a test and because their relationship is still tight, John sends Kayce to beg Jamie for assistance in interviewing the prisoner.

Jamie agrees but immediately discovers that his biological father, Garrett Randle, was one of the inmate’s former cellmates. Although Jamie attempts to face him, he continues to battle with deciding which of his fathers he wishes to be truly devoted to. He allows Randle to survive and says nothing to John.

The situation becomes much more complex when Governor Perry decides to run for the Senate and must support a successor.

She initially tells John that she will endorse Jamie, but John thinks this is not a good idea and grudgingly agrees to do it himself. When Jamie discovers the truth, he is shell-shocked but yet attempts to devise a means of escape.

After her actions are discovered at the conclusion of the season, Beth is dismissed from Market Equity, but she has bigger fish to fry. She discovers the truth about their assailant and uses it to blackmail Jamie, compelling him to kill Randle and claim ownership over him. Beth concludes her hectic few days by marrying Rip.

kevin costner yellowstone season 5 Release Date

Kayce participates in a Native American rite, during which he has a tremendous vision that he warns Monica would be their undoing (though we are not given any hints as to what he saw). Jimmy, meantime, returns from 6666 as a transformed and engaged man, and he is eventually granted permission to return to Texas and begin a new life.

Season 5 of Yellowstone Storyline

The direction of the fifth season has not been revealed, but we may assume that the land dispute between Market Equity and the Duttons will continue. Other than that, it is uncertain whether John will continue his campaign for governor now that Jamie has returned. And how will Kayce’s vision manifest itself?

How to view Yellowstone seasons 1 through 4
All four seasons of Yellowstone are exclusively available to stream on Peacock, making streaming the most convenient alternative for catching up or rewatching the series. Occasionally, programs are also streamed on the cable channel Paramount Network.

After a very long wait, fans in the United Kingdom will soon receive some exciting news. When Paramount Plus releases in the UK on June 22, it will include all four seasons of Yellowstone.

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